Zoë Pawlak is a contemporary, Canadian, artist and designer, working with private clients, interior designers, & select brands. If you’re shopping savvy, you may see Zoë’s work while puttering around Club Monaco. Otherwise, she’s known primarily for her decade-long career as a painter and her fabulous rug collections. Zoë’s inspiration consists of interiors, product design, and fashion, things that all seem to coexist nicely with her dreamy pieces.


We’re crushing on Zoë’s portfolio which has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Interior Design Magazine, Rue Magazine, Design Milk, and Domino Mag.  Zoë has also worked with The Property Brothers, Lululemon, and Playboy –  just to name a few!


AZ spent a moment with our Capricorn friend to chat about her upcoming projects.


Art Zealous: Astrological sign?

Zoë Pawlak: Capricorn. Such a goat.



AZ: Currently reading?

ZP: You are a Badass and Bird by Bird. Both are slaying me.



AZ: Drink order?

ZP: Mocktails. I’ve been sober for six months now and it’s been awesome.



AZ: First piece of art you ever collected?

ZP: A Steven Spazuk. I have an awesome collection I have bought or traded over the years.



AZ: What has been your favorite partnership to date?

ZP: I loved the video I did with Lululemon because the theme was important to me. All the magazines that have supported me to date have been so incredible. The show that Jaime Derringer created for West Edge was so fun. My work was put alongside peers and colleagues I admire and now call my friends.


Photo // Zoe Pawlak Studio


AZ: The color palettes you choose are breathtaking – how do you choose the color schemes?

ZP:  All of my palettes and color combinations are chosen intuitively.


Photo // Zoe Pawlak Studio


AZ: Please describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

ZP: Fresh, emotive and honest.



AZ: Where is your favorite travel destination?

ZP: I travel for work primarily in North America. I love to go to New York; I have a set idea of where I am headed. Trips there help me clarify my values and align me with the most incredible people and quality work.


Photo // Zoe Pawlak Studio


AZ: Currently working on?

ZP: We are currently working on an exhibition for a Vancouver group show for art and design called ADDRESS. In the studio, we are developing a sculpture and a line of mirrors. We are excited about them all because they are feminist and do not exist yet on the market.


Photo // The Collective Your


AZ: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

ZP: Various luxury/art products, coming from years of an honest studio practice and a sincere look at myself and what I have not yet shown in the scope of my career.


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