Art Zealous is an arts media platform dedicated to reporting on the latest art stories, artists, trends and events shaping the art world. With a large and comprehensive event listing, Art Zealous allows its audience to be in the know of the latest art happenings and upcoming events in the art world.

Mission Statement

Art Zealous brings the latest art exhibitions, daily news and developments from galleries, museums and events to the next generation of art collectors.


Kristina Lopez Adduci is Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Art Zealous. Kristina is passionate about engaging young art patrons and making the art market more accessible to them by reporting on stories that will inspire them to start their art journey. Kristina has served on the American Folk Art Museum Young Folk board, the Whitney Contemporaries, and the Guggenheim Collectors Council. Kristina is also head of curation at Workville, a co-working space in New York City and has sourced over 100 artworks from local emerging artists for the company. Follow @kristinaadduci.

Stephanie Zimmerman-Black is the Editor at Large for Art Zealous.  Stephanie keeps an enthusiastic finger on the pulses of the contemporary art, design, and wellness spaces. As a writer and content marketer, her passions reside in holistic, authentic storytelling. In addition to serving as AZ’s Editor at Large, Stephanie is a frequent contributor to numerous online arts and wellness publications. She also manages a roster of creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs for whom she designs content strategies as well as providing branding consultations and coaching services. Follow @stephaniezimmblack


The Art Zealous audience is educated and passionate about art. Our users are art collectors, highly educated art lovers, young active art patrons, cultured trend-setters, frequent travelers and tastemakers. We work with advertisers to help them reach their target audience, with options for personalized ad placements during art world events. Reach a targeted audience with strategically placed ads on our site and reach thousands of engaged art patrons and collectors through our weekly newsletters and social media channels. Email for the Art Zealous media kit.