Following last year’s success, PULSE New York continues to provide an intimate setting in which to discover contemporary artists and galleries from around the world.  Check out our list of booths worth seeing this year at Pulse.


Mia Taylor, PROJECTS


⌘+⌘+⌘+⌘+ by British artist Mia Taylor is a part of PULSE Art Fair’s signature PROJECTS program, which is committed to the presentation and promotion of audience-engaging large-scale sculptures, installations and performances.


Bo.lee Gallery, Booth A-304

Sue Williams A’Court, Desire and Longing 18, 2016

Bo. lee Gallery presents a solo show of Sue Williams A’Court. According to A’Court’s website, she “A’Court’s practice explores the notion of the visual sublime working within painting, collage and drawing, she employs re-imagined landscapes as a trigger for encounter or contemplation.” The above piece is graphite on canvas, and the details are incredible, so it deserves to be seen up close and in person.


Davidson Contemporary, Booth A-114

Boo Saville, PERIGEE-SYZYGY, 2015

Davidson Contemporary caught our eye with this piece by Boo Saville. Another favorite was a paper-cut piece by Thomas Witte.


Gallery Poulsen, Booth A-119

Jean-Pierre Roy, Conjoiner 1, 2016

One of the most popular booths at Pulse was Gallery Poulsen, who were featuring artists like rising star Jean-Pierre Roy and Mu Pan. Martin Poulsen spoke to AZ and said that “almost all of Jean-Pierre Roy’s photogravures, (edition of 15) had been sold.” They were priced at $1,500 a piece.


Emerson Dorsch, Booth A-120

Brookhart Jonquil, Pivot at Odds, 2015

The luminous booth in the middle of the fair belongs to the Miami-based gallery, Emerson Dorsch. The gallery is featuring artist Brookhart Jonquil, who is known for working with steel, glass, mirrors, and fluorescent lights.


Pentimenti Gallery, Booth A-307

Simeen Farhat, I Hear My Name, 2014

Pentimenti is a must-see booth that is featuring works by Derrick Velasquez and Simeen Farhat.


Sim Smith Gallery, Booth A-201

Bradley Wood, Spoils of The Manor, 2016

If the wallpaper doesn’t catch your eye, the colorful paintings by Westchester-based artist Bradley Wood will.


Garis & Hahn, Booth A-216

Michael Maxwell, Phosphenes – Cascading and Rising, 2015

This psychedelic piece by Michael Maxwell is what first drove us to explore Garis & Hahn’s booth that also features work by Karen Margolis and Lala Abaddon.


PLAY, near Booth A-208


While not exactly a booth, PLAY deserves an honorable mention. PLAY, the fair’s dedicated platform for new media and video works, is curated by The Cultivist’s Joey Lico, who selected videos that “challenge this communal understanding and actively illuminate the contemporary knowledge that when one culture regards the rituals or landscapes of another, those scenes are instantly incorporated into a foreign mental framework. They are helplessly interpreted through some habit of thought different from the habit of the artists.”


PULSE New York, March 3-6th.


Top image // Jean Pierre-Roy, Conjoiner 2, 2016