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5 Places to Get Crafty in NYC

Maybe you excel at drawing stickmen. Or, perhaps you’re an experienced potter, whipping up whimsical vases as gifts for friends. Regardless your art-making experiencing, these studios allow you to do everything from dabbling on a canvas as you’re sipping wine to seriously pursuing a passion. Text a friend, grab a paintbrush, and get ready to tie up an apron, as slots in these classes fill up fast!


1. La Mano Pottery

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If it’s your first time sitting down at the wheel, fear not. This Chelsea studio is perfectly fit for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. And don’t feel like you have to commit, either. You can take a one-time intro course for $75, or you can take eight weeks worth of class for $300. Plus, don’t limit yourself to crafting vases, mugs, and bowls; the silver clay can also be shaped into jewelry! So step outside of your comfort zone and stop in for a class today. Or, at least follow their Instagram account, @lamanopottery, which is full of pleased visitors posing with their one-of-a-kind creations.


2. Brooklyn Glass 

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Who would have thought that a night out with girlfriends could consist of heating up torches and blowing through pipes? On Wednesday nights, known as “Ladies Night” at the studio, come to Brooklyn Glass to craft stunning pendants for necklaces. The price is only $65 and you can sign up as close to an hour before the course begins. If a one-time class like this one entices you, sign up for more advanced courses, such as an eight-week program that meets every Sunday.


3. Private Picassos

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Maybe you don’t feel like leaving home to work your right brain. To spice up your next gathering at your place, have the art materials and instructors brought to you. Courses range from 1-3 hours in length and are uber-personalized, with factors such as your age, interests, skill level and goals all going into the planning of the course. And if you don’t feel like making a mess at home, the company consists of workers who are pros at planning and running events such as a water coloring birthday party held at a Brooklyn winery.


4. Lion Brand Yarn Studio

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This studio shows how knitting is way more than your grandma’s favorite pastime. Here, you can learn to do much more than muck around with two sticks, as the studio also offers courses in weaving, felting, and dyeing. And if you’re not comfortable with taking a group class, one-on-one lessons are also offered. Plus, the place is a Pokéspot loaded with characters. So go knit your mom a birthday gift and catch a Pokémon or two, since we all know, you gotta catch ’em all.


5. The Art Studio NY

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With course titles including, “Paint Your Heart Out,” you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Here you can take an adult class or sign-up for a private course, the perfect way to spend a celebration. In addition, all of the class sizes are small and visitors are guided step-by-step, by an art professional, through the painting process. Plus, there are BYOB classes, which have been raved about in Time Out New York and New York Magazine. In addition, the studio is now offering drawing courses at the Met. With its variety of course selection and attention giving during instruction, it makes sense that the studio’s been awarded to have #1 Art Class in NYC! What are you waiting for? Go make a masterpiece!

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