In our final week searching for street style inspired by street art, we decided to head to Chelsea. Here, we discovered a colorful mural by the renowned street artist, Dasic Fernandez and #CHALKFIT, a wall covered in mini murals created by Fashion Institute of Technology students. Naturally, the people accompanying the murals in this edition are looking just as unique and fun as the neighborhood we found them in.


Dasic Fernandez Mural 

feat. // @abrand02

Name: Alexander

Are you from NYC?: No, I’m a senior in high school, so I’m on vacation touring colleges.

Tell us about your outfit: This t-shirt and pants are from Lucky Brand. I love Lucky and get a lot of my stuff there. The belt and my vest are from Amazon. I don’t buy much from there, but every once in a while they have good stuff. Usually like basic stuff. My shoes are Toms.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?: I don’t really know fashion. I just wear what I want.

Favorite place to see art in NYC?: I enjoy the theater district. I’m into musical theater and I recently saw The Great Comet last night – it was AMAZING.



feat. // @style_ann_thecity

Name: Ann

Are you from NYC?: I’m actually from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am just up here interning for the summer.

Tell us about your outfit: These shoes are from Free People and my jeans are J Brand. This shirt and my jean vest I got on Shopbop and by bracelet is Mola Sasa. I’ve been really into accessorizing simple outfits with bold colors and textures. A lot of fashion bloggers I follow have mentioned the “Canadian tuxedo” in their fashion posts, which is pairing jeans with a jean shirt or jacket so I thought I would give it a try!

Where do you find fashion inspiration?: I look to Instagram for a lot of my fashion inspiration. I take a lot of screenshots and save them into a folder on my phone. I also look at runway shows for color inspiration.

Favorite place to see art in NYC?: I really like going to museums to see art. I always try to look out for cool, new exhibitions that are going on – sometimes related to fashion. I also love street art in particular.