One of the most directly beneficial ways we can show support for the Black community right now is through our actions.

For some, that may mean protesting in the streets side by side with other activists. For others, it may look like organizing and handing out flyers or supplies to raise awareness.

One thing we can all do is put our money where our mouths are. Here are 10 organizations supporting black artists, creators, movers & shakers you can support by donating to.

Art Hoe Collective
“Art Hoe Collective was started by Queer Black People to provide a safe space for creatives of color.”

Black Artist’s Network in Dialogue
“Black Artists’ Network in Dialogue (BAND) is dedicated to supporting,
documenting  and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally.”

Black Art Futures Fund
“Black Art Futures Fund (BAFF) is a collective of emerging philanthropists promoting the elevation and preservation of Black arts & culture. Through grant making, board-matching, and organization-to-donor cultivation, we seek to amplify and strengthen the future of Black art.”

Black Lunch Table
“In the last three years over 600 people from over 25 places and 3 countries on two continents have contributed their voices and energy to the BLT archive. In the last three years, we’ve hosted 72 Wikipedia events in 6 different countries, where we created 385 new articles and uploaded 727 new images.”

Harlem Arts Alliance
“At the core, HAA has cultivated a dynamic membership base artists and arts organizations. HAA plays an essential role in the lives of emerging and established artists by helping build the resources, networks, and capacity of its richly diverse membership.”

Black Visions Collective
“Black Visions Collective (BLVC) believes in a future where all Black people have autonomy, safety is community-led, and we are in right relationship within our ecosystems.”

Black Youth Project
“A space for Black millennials to write, engage and share stories.”

By Us For Us
“The 5 co-founders of this project (Jazmin Jones, Jiun Kwon, Tsige Tafesse, Katherine Tom, and Suhyun Choi) started BUFU in September 2015. Since then, we’ve expanded our work through collaborating with multiple partner organizations, collectives, and individuals.

We wish to to highlight the lived experiences of those who have been impacted politically and socially by white supremacy, while de-centering whiteness and resurfacing our deeply interconnected and complicated histories.”

Black Artists + Designers Guild
“The Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) was founded in 2018 by Malene Barnett, an artist based in Brooklyn, NY, to combat the lack of representation of Black talent and culture in the design industry.  

BADG is a global platform representing a curated collective of independent Black artists, makers, and designers across various art and design disciplines who are at the top of their respective fields.”

Brown Art Ink
“Brown Art Ink is a nomadic community incubator to support the arts ecosystem for artists, cultural practitioners, and communities of color.”