During the last few weeks of summer, we always like to plan which exhibitions we’ll hit up when September rolls around. The art world officially wakes up again and we like to be ahead of the curve (and the crowds).


One of those exhibitions on our list is Lygia Pape at Hauser & Wirth New York, 69th Street, on view September 6, 2018 through October 20, 2018. This will be first time the gallery will present a solo exhibition of Pape’s work in the US since announcing worldwide representation of Projeto Lygia Pape in 2016.


A little background on Lygia Pape. Pape was a founding member of Brazil’s Neo-Concrete movement and explored sculptures, drawing, engraving and filmmaking. Her multi-disciplinary practice is not only profound, but playful as it relates to reframing the ideas of body, time and space.


Ttéia 1, B, Lygia Pape, 2000/2014, Silver thread nails, light, © Lygia Pape


Get your cameras ready, since one of the first things you will encounter will be ‘Ttéia 1A’ (1978 / 1979 / 1991), one of Pape’s most notable works. These shimmering, delicate threads are a part of the artist’s Ttéia series, first conceived in 1978. The viewer will have the opportunity to inspect the groups of thread weaving through the air and explore the spatial relationships between each thread. The word ‘Ttéia,’ which Pape created, is an elision of the Portuguese word for ‘web’ and ‘teteia,’ a colloquial word for a graceful and delicate person or thing.


Red and Black Amazonino (Amazonino Vermelho e Preto) 1990, Automotive paint on iron, Photos © Lygia Pape, Courtesy Projeto Lygia Pape and Hauser & Wirth


The second floor of the exhibition features three important works – ‘Roda dos Prazeres (Wheel of Pleasures)’ (1967), ‘Jogo de Ténis (Tennis Game)’ (2002), and a series of collaborative collages produced with Concrete artist Ivan Serpa during the 1970s. The exhibition concludes on the third floor with Pape’s early geometrical Tecelares (Weavings), woodcut prints from the 1950s. Pape’s Tecelares have a direct relationship to her later Ttéia series; these complicated compositions on paper have a charged sense of materiality. Pape’s acute awareness to technique and material in these works allowed for what she believed was a ‘better presentation of the idea and the inventive richness.’


Lygia Pape will be on view at Hauser & Wirth, 32 East 69th Street, NYC, September 6 – October 20, 2018.

top image // Tecelar, Lygia Pape, 1955, photo: Joshua Targownik