If you haven’t heard, Outsider Art is in. From Christie’s holding its first dedicated sale in over over 10 years on Friday, January 22 to the Outsider Art Fair hosting its largest fair to date, Outsider Art or Vernacular Art is having it’s moment and it’s well deserved. Make a point this weekend to check out the Outsider Art Fair, which will open on January 21st and run through the 24th. In the meantime, we’ve picked out 10 artworks that are on our radar that you’ll be able to see at the fair. Above: Susan Brown, Her Mother, Pure Vision Arts, Booth #21


#05 JPF_113
Joaquín Pomés Figueredo, Cerradura De La Vida, Grey Carter Objects of Art, Booth #53


#09 May29_2015_24x18
Helen Rae, Untitled (May 29, 2015), The Good Luck Gallery, Booth #12


Julian Martin, Untitled (shapes), Fleisher/Ollman, Booth #30
Julian Martin, Untitled (shapes), Fleisher/Ollman, Booth #30


Marcos Bontempo, Untitled (MBo 355), Ricco Maresca Gallery, Booth #38


#18 Cavin Morris Gallery NoA 205
Angkasapura, Untitled, Cavin-Morris Gallery, Booth #32


Jacques de Du-Glass, La Trudaine Maison, Lindsay Gallery, Booth #29


#22 Bourbon_Lally_Belardinelli
Daniel Belardinelli, Dancing Around the Truth, Bourbon-Lally, Booth #51


Nancy Josephson, Bird of Paradise Centerpiece, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
Jill Galliéni, Constellation Y, Marie Finaz Gallery, Booth #9A