This week’s crop of Instagrams challenges the limits of the medium, providing unique interpretations of some over-Instagrammed locales. Kudos to these photographers for capturing unique moments that make you pause and absorb what’s in front of you. Because life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. Thanks, for the A+ advice, Bueller.


1. @sophia215ss‘s shot provides a fresh take on the Louvre‘s Instagram-loving crystal pyramid.



2. Stairway to Heaven? @imuzza snapped this trippy piece of public art in Copenhagen.



3. When in doubt, Instagram the masterful work of Chihuly. @mattwakefield captured the artist’s Bridge of Glass on Friday.



4. @iheartstencils provokes conversation about social media through his street art display in Vancouver.



5. @michael.eliades captured a creative view of the gilded columns at the Hermitage 


Thanks for another great week of ‘grams!


Featured Image // Courtesy of eleven.morning