Pop-ups are literally popping up all over New York! From challenging the convention of a gallery to fostering an environment for commerce, a pop-up provides the canvas for a variety of worlds to beautifully blend together. Behold, three examples that display the power of the pop-up, whose purpose is endless.


Opening Ceremony Pop-Up Shop at the Brooklyn Museum 

Image // Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

In conversation with Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present at the Brooklyn Museum, Opening Ceremony has set up shop outside the show. The exhibition contains the most comprehensive collection of athletic photography to date and Opening Ceremony’s collection pairs perfectly with it. The apparel is inspired by sportswear from the ’80s and ’90s, as demonstrated through the items’ color-blocked patterns and bold palette. Further strengthing the bond between the shop and the show, is the fact that the pop-up was designed to mimic a boxing ring. The pop-up shop is available for sales until January 8, the date the exhibition ends, and prices in the collection range from $65 to $125.



Bryant Toth Pop-up Gallery in a Union Square Town House

13694621_1010449929068819_944735863_n (1)

Last month’s show curated by Bryant Toth in a Union Square townhouse showcased how real estate and the art world beautifully compliment each other. The gallery space challenged the conventional platform for displaying artwork and created an environment for intimate, powerful connections with the Cuban paintings to be experienced. The show displayed not only how stunning the Cuban art can look in a space, but also how beautiful the space (which is also up for sale) looks filled with art. The paintings by Hector Frank, Eduardo Exposito Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima, Ignacio Merida, and Ernesto Rancano were also shown throughout the entire townhouse, including on top of a stove.



Civic Art Lab Pop-Up Gallery

Image // Courtesy of GreenspaceNYC

A project of GreenspaceNYC, the Civic Art Lab provides a space for free, public workshops about art, design, and the environment to take place this summer. The LES space, known as Creations Gallery Pop-Up, contains a multitude of events in a given month, and the events range from creating your own painting to exploring the history of tea. The space also fosters meaningful conversations, many of which that emphasize self-reflection. In addition, the turnover of the space prompts visitors to rethink their relationship to art-viewing, art-contemplating, and art-making. Plus, the fast changeover of events creates an air of excitement and pumps greater life and energy into the activities.


Top image //  Pinterest/MyDomaine