MZ Wallace, one of our favorite accessories company based in NYC, has partnered with The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation to create a limited edition tote. Featuring quotes on teaching — and learning — from both Josef and Anni Albers, the Metro Tote is printed in the iconic typeface developed by Josef Albers during his time at the famed Bauhaus school of design.

In 1971, Josef Albers, who formed the basis of modern art education programs of the twentieth century, established a not-for-profit organization to further “the revelation and evocation of vision through art.” Today, this organization is devoted to preserving and promoting the enduring achievements of both Josef and Anni Albers, and the aesthetic and philosophical principles by which they lived. It serves as a unique center for the understanding and appreciation of the arts and of all visual experience — with the combined legacies of Josef and Anni Albers at its heart.

Monica Zwirner, Cofounder and designer of MZ Wallace said of the partnership, “empowering women has always been important to our philosophy of giving back to the community, whether on a local or global scale. Ensuring that women have access to an education, and the opportunities that arise from it, is an impactful way to put this philosophy into action. We are thrilled to partner with The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation to support Le Korsa.”

100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this special tote support the educational efforts of Le Korsa, a non-profit organization that works directly with dedicated doctors, teachers, artists and students in Senegal to improve human lives

You can order your MZ Wallace x Albers Foundation Medium Metro Tote here.

images // courtesy of MZ Wallace