Who she is
Specialist in Folk and Outsider Art at Christie’s


Where you can find her
The Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza galleries. Spectacular art from all over the world moves through our doors, and most of it goes on view for the public before it is sold. All the Christie’s exhibitions are free, so I’m constantly encouraging friends to visit as a budget-friendly alternative to museums. I spend time at galleries known for promoting Outsider Art, including Andrew Edlin, Ricco Maresca, Christian Berst Art Brut, Stephen Romano, and Cavin Morris. The museums that feed my soul include the Met, the American Folk Art Museum, and the Rubin.


Favorite artists
My favorites range from classic, blue-chip Outsider artists Henry Darger and Martin Ramirez to Contemporary artists Walton Ford and Susan Rothenberg. I love works that demonstrate a clear physical connection between an artist and his or her material.


How can we follow you
I still rely on Facebook for sharing images and information about exhibitions, artists, and lectures. I’m also on twitter @carazart.