If you’re one of the 140,000 Instagram followers who keep up with adorable Internet starlet, Chloe the Mini Frenchie, you likely saw the Instagram video made in conjunction with Elite Daily and Matty Mo, aka the Most Famous Artist, in which Mo helps Chloe create a one-of-a-kind self-paw-trait.  This creative piece of art, along with every one of Mo’s pieces, is aimed at going viral on social media – amplifying the modern idea that social influencers can have an impact on the art industry and business culture.



LA-based Mo, known better by his internet nickname, “The Most Famous Artist,” boosts 150,000 Instagram followers and putters around Los Angeles creating splashy murals that attract selfie-taking trendsetters.


Art Zealous caught up with The Most Famous Artist to chat about LA, mural marketing, and his creations.

Art Zealous: What is the concept behind “The Most Famous Artist”?
The Most Famous Artist:
Andrew Warhola became Andy Warhol to make his art. Matty Mo has become The Most Famous Artist.  It’s just a name.


AZ: Favorite spot in Los Angeles?
TMFA: I find myself happily oscillating along the 10 freeway between my studio in The Arts District and a beach house in Malibu.

the most famous artist


AZ: Top art Instagrams to follow?
TMFA: @Love.Watts was the first that caught my attention.  @stefansimchowitz is good if you want a better understanding of the changing art market.  There are so many now it’s hard not to find them if you are looking.


AZ: You’ve said, “Art is the most powerful communication medium known to mankind” – please elaborate on that idea.

TMFA: I’ve said it, but usually I am just repeating something smart I read somewhere.


AZ: What’s the most impactful piece you’ve done so far?

TMFA: The $100k dollar art object series really made me feel something.



AZ: What inspires you to sometimes use logos and brands as part of the design in your artworks?

TMFA: It was an instinctual reaction to my environment. We live in a world augmented by technology and advertisements.  I brought that into my art.

AZ: How do you view the relationship between social media influencers and the art business?

TMFA: Influencers have democratized the long-tail of art.  You no longer need a gallery to make a living as an artist. And, I think that is a good thing.


AZ: Please tell us about “mural marketing” as an effective way to drive awareness to an artist.

TMFA: People want to take pictures to share. Murals provide that opportunity.


AZ: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

TMFA: I don’t know right now. Everything keeps changing.