Sound, print, flowers and fridges: this July we bring you the 4 best group and solo shows in this beloved city. Here is our July run-down of unmissable art-opening action in NYC this month.


July 7th

On Stellar Rays

Photo//Keegan Monaghan, Security

On Stellar Rays will be opening their show Persuasive Percussion, a group show which explores the rhythm and repetition of sound featuring the artists Athanasios Argianas, Julia Bland, Zipora Fried, and Ryan Mrozowski. The show will run in conjunction with the exhibition  You Decide to Take a Walk, which will feature the radical and conflicting work of Kegan Monaghan.


On Stellar Rays is located at 1 Rivington Street.


July 7th


Photo//Jill Moser, Wingate Silver

Planthouse will be opening their summer print show, A Big Enough Umbrella, which will feature works created in the Wingate Studio. The studio, which has been a Connecticut haven for artists since 1985, is known for the amazing quality prints that it has produced, and the show will feature the work of Sebastian Black, Sascha Braunig, Robin Cameron, Walton Ford, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, and many more.


Planthouse is located at 55 West 28th Street.


July 13th

Danziger Gallery

Photo//Michael De Feo, Lightning of Final Fantasy for Louis Vuitton

Danziger Gallery will be opening a show which will focus on Micael De Feo, also known as “flower guy.” De Feo has been known for his flower works for many years, most of which focus on the injunction between pop-culture and the line between fine art, street art, and cultural appropriation.


Danziger Gallery is located at 95 Rivington Street.


July 13th

Denny Gallery

Photo//Brent Birnbaum

Denny Gallery will be opening Voyeur Voyager Forager Forester, which will feature the work of Brent Birnbaum. The show will be a continuation of Birnbaum’s project to collect obsolete objects and repurpose them into pieces of art. This particular show will feature more than forty previously used wood paneled mini-fridges.


Denny Gallery is located at 261 Broome Street.