Being single in any major city is a struggle. Swiping non-stop on dating apps like Tinder seems like a dead end. Museums are now helping art-lovers find their true love. Pairing art-lovers according to their taste in art before dating events, museums like Minneapolis Institute of Arts guarantee that you’ll find like-minded people with whom you can explore your artistic interests. The Museum of Sex also hosts speed-date events for those who would like to avoid the awkwardness of the first date. Here is a list of dating events hosted by museums:


1. New York Transit Museum (Brooklyn, NY)

Photo // courtesy of New York Transit Museum

Remember that cute guy you used to see every day on your commute? Or that one time you couldn’t talk to that beautiful woman on the train because you had a connection to make? When Valentine’s Day comes, you will only blame yourself for not seizing the opportunity to talk to them. Well, it’s not too late yet. Attend the annual “Missed Connections Valentine’s Day Party” at the New York Transit Museum. Each year, the museum sets up a romantic Craigslist-styled “Missed Connections” to help you find that person who caught your eyes on the F train. If you don’t have anyone in mind, that’s fine, too. You might meet someone in the museum and realize that your paths have crossed many times in the city.


2. The Bass Museum of Arts (Miami Beach, FL)

Beats After Sunset at The Bass
Photo // courtesy of Beats After Sunset

Fingers crossed that once the Bass Museum reopens, they will still host “Beats After Sunset”, which was a favorite among singles in Miami Beach. The museum had been hosting this art-and-music-filled event on every first Friday of the month since 2011. The event featured different DJs each month, with professional mixologists serving the best kind of booze.


3. Museum of Broken Relationships (Los Angeles, CA)

Photo // courtesy of Museum of Broken Relationships

Pick up where others have left off by finding an SO at “Date Night” at the Museum of Broken Relationships. The event features DJ-spun tunes, good drinks and food trucks on site. The museum offers all broken-hearted lovers the cathartic experience of donating objects reminiscent of lovers lost. So donate anything that reminds you of your ex to the museum, and attend this dating event for a new beginning.


4. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth  (Fort Worth, Tx)

Photo // courtesy of The Modern

Located in Northern Texas, The Modern hosts events for “Modern Contemporaries”  (The Modern’s Under Forty Friends!) every month to help young art-lovers meet like-minded friends and partners. From “Speed-Dating” to “Terrace ’til Midnight,” The Modern is a pro at setting up the romantic atmosphere with current art exhibitions. The venue is also popular for weddings, so love is already in the air at this event.


4. Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minneapolis, MN)

MIA Third Thursday
Photo // courtesy of MIA

Every third Thursday of the month, Minneapolis Institute of Arts hosts “Third Thursday” with drinks, art, and live music. What more could you want? The theme of the event is different every month. From “Totally 90’s” to “A Wintery Mix,” MIA makes sure that you can find the party that fits your personality and aesthetic tastes. “Third Thursday” has successfully drawn many young singles to mingle together by pairing up with like-minded art lovers.


5. Museum of Sex (Manhattan, NY)

Photo // courtesy of Museum of Sex

Hate the awkwardness of the first date? The “Singles Mixer” at Museum of Sex might be just right for you. If you are shy, the museum partners with a local matchmaking service and prepares sexy icebreakers to get people talking. The event includes over 200 singles, complimentary appetizer, drinks, and exotic exhibitions. Sign us up.


top image // courtesy of Museum of Sex