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Five Minutes with Artist Linda Lopez

“Things that once have been conjoined must remain ever afterwards.” – James George Frazer.


Arkansas-based artist, Linda Lopez explores the relationship between subject and object in her work. She believes truth in the quote above, that things once connected will remain forever attached even if distant or terminated. Her quirky still lifes examine the unseen thread that connects people and things that once shared a moment.


Lopez is currently browsing the Interwebs for ceiling fans, looms, and French parenting and she secretly wants a miniature apricot poodle.


Art Zealous caught up with this lovely lady to chat about objects and her recent exhibition in Miami.


Art Zealous: Hometown?

Linda Lopez: Visalia, California.


AZ: Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.

Must be so.




AZ: Please elaborate on the relationship between subject and object.

LL: Sympathetic magic is a theory meaning things once in contact are in some way permanently so, even when separated by distance. For example, a shoe will forever be impacted by the person who wore it and the person will always be affected by the shoe. I am interested in the relationship between the subject and object where one moment of connectivity can create an undefinable impact on both forever.




AZ: Is there a specific object that you think characterizes your personality?

LL: A lost hair tie.


AZ: Tell us about your most recent show in Miami.

LL: Ghost Hands explores the idea of the persistent presence of the absent – utilizing rugs, ceramic objects and drawings. These pieces bring forth the past and present relationships they have once encountered, while questioning their future.




AZ: What are you currently working on?

LL: I am currently working on three large dust furries with thick droopy parts and chunky dandruff for Art Miami with Mindy Solomon Gallery in December.


AZ: What can we expect to see from you in the future.

LL: Dust Furries at Art Miami with Mindy Solomon Gallery, an Art Billboard project in Northwest Arkansas, and a fresh little bébé due the first week of December.  The billboard project is a new arts initiative in Northwest Arkansas where two billboards will feature artworks from Arkansas artists on a rotation throughout the year. I am thrilled to be one of the two artists to launch the project January 2017. The work will a explore the still-life, the mundane, the unfamiliar and the layers of unseen relationships through things.



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