Planning to enjoy a summer afternoon observing some art, but don’t want to be hidden away from the sun inside a museum? Here’s an idea: explore some art outside. More specifically, spend your afternoon on the corner of St. Nicholas Ave and Troutman St in Brooklyn. Thanks to a block party called the Bushwick Collective that occurs every year, this street corner has become a sort of bedrock upon which street artists from NYC and beyond showcase their finest and most recent works of art.


On June 3rd, the 6th annual Bushwick Collective Block Party left some incredible street art behind in its wake, and believe us when we say we don’t think this “exhibit” will be taken down anytime soon.


We even got some photos of the artists in action:


Artist: @urbanruben



Artists: @el_cekis and @dasicfernandez


The talent with which these artists project their visions onto such a vast amount of space is an awesome sight to see. While the colors on the walls are rich and fresh, the ideas are current, dealing with a large amount of political and social commentary in a playful way (as is signature to the nature of street art). Artists on this corner seem to be gifted in the way they can speak their minds captivatingly using huge paint rollers and hundreds of colored bricks.


Artists: @sipros_sipros and @suchs_life



Artist: @OJI
Artist: @dface_official




And, as an added bonus, these insane murals serve as perfect backdrops to capture your latest Instagram post. Now who can pass up an opportunity like that?


Artist: @wonderpussoctopus


photos // Madison Letts

top image // Artist: @CHORBOOGIE