When we think of street art, most of us just imagine tags and symbols floating around on an abandoned walls, it’s so much more! Graffiti on the streets has upped its game and artists have been making their marks on the very buildings and sidewalks you walk by every day. And these are not just simple pieces of work; graffiti artists have been hitting the streets on a large scale producing colossal murals. We all love visiting museums and galleries to see artwork; now anyone can take a stroll down the street and see these beautiful images. Let us take you on a guide around the world.


If you happen to find yourself in the city that never sleeps, try and make your way to the Houston/Bowery Wall where street artists have been painting murals on top of murals since the 1970’s. The Wall, owned by the Goldman family is reborn every few years and covered with a new mural from emerging street artists. Widely known artists and pioneers like JR, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, Revok, Pose, and Aiko have collaborated and reinvented the wall over the years animating the city streets and captivating us all.


photo // courtesy of Goldman Properties


The next stop on the journey is the Coney Art Walls down in Brooklyn. An outdoor museum of street art made just for you featuring the best artists on the street today courtesy of curators Joseph Sitt and Jeffrey Deitch. Located right next to the beach and boardwalk in Coney Island, the free standing murals feature an array of styles from abstract landscapes to detailed portraits and minimal prints and this is just one of many street art destinations is the US.


photo // courtesy of Coney Art Walls



We can’t take you on this tour without stopping in Wynwood, Miami. Street after street is completely covered in art. This is the spot for any up and coming and well-known street artists to showcase their work. Artists from all over the world like OS Gemeos, The London Police and Avaf come to conquer the Wynwood Walls and make their mark.


photo // courtesy of Wynwood Walls


On the West Coast, you can take a stroll down Clarion Alley in San Francisco and catch the best photos of street art created by international and local artists alike. If there is anything you should do while in Cali, it has to be Highway 87 in San Jose. Underneath Highway 87, the green and blue lights turn anyone’s journey into a psychedelic experience. Street art like this creates an entirely new meaning as you absorb all it has to offer as you move through it.


photo // courtesy of San Jose Culture/ Dan Corson


In the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil art spreads like wildfire. Turning ever corner you’ll find the works of local graffiti artists in Brazil that have declared the world their canvas and made themselves known not only throughout South America but all over the world. Works from Kobra, OS Gemeos, and Never201 are easily identifiable.


photo // courtesy of dailyartfixx.com


There are never enough street art sights to go and check out, but if you find yourself in Australia, you have to stop by the Street Art Walk in Beverley Place, Katoomba. The Street Art Walk is based on large-scale murals that cover all street art disciplines. These gems are spread out over dozens of buildings, all in support of the art and craft that comes into play within street art. Close to Sydney, this ten-minute walk is the ultimate gateway for your journey through Australia, so add this on the list of must see sites.


photo // Ann Niddrie Photographer


top image // whudat.de