1800 Tequila and Enoc Perez have set out to explore the intersection between art, tequila and culture. Via their Essential 1800 collaboration, they chose six of Enoc’s artworks to be featured on the distinctive 1800 bottle, shaped after the Mayan pyramids. We were lucky enough to chat with Perez about the project as well as Instagram, inspiration and booze. Be sure to pick up a limited-edition bottle and keep an eye on your TV for 1800’s new “Just Refined Enough” campaign, which highlights both the refinement and edge that make up the modern renaissance man.



AZ: How do you take your tequila?

EP: Straight Up


AZ: Favorite places to find inspiration in NYC? 

EP: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the streets.


AZ: Can you tell us more about the collaboration process with 1800 Tequila? 

EP: It is a good opportunity for my work to reach a wider audience, I like for painting to be popular and tequila is more popular than painting, so to put paintings on tequila bottles is a good way to get people to look at least and really appreciate art in general.  The shape of the bottle is also architectural, which makes sense with many of my paintings.


AZ: Was there a certain significance to the cities you chose to be featured? 

EP: I can tell you that they are all cities that I like and visited.  They are cities that always have been on my ‘radar.’

1800 Tequila x Enoc Perez New York City Bottle


AZ: What’s your favorite aspect of urban culture? 

EP: The fact that when you live in a big urban area, you know that there is someone out there working as hard and as late as yourself, even harder.  That motivates me about urban culture.  The many cultures in a narrow area, that’s a perk.


AZ: You mentioned in an interview with “Autre” that you love Instagram. What are some of your favorite accounts? 

EP: My favorite Instagram accounts are those of other artists.  It is wonderful to look into their world.  I also like @emrata’s account.


AZ: As a child, you spent a lot of time traveling to different cities and museums. Did you have any favorites back then? Have those places changed for you since? 

EP: I loved El Museo del Prado in Madrid and the Louvre in Paris.  I still do.


AZ: How do you think the flavors of 1800 Tequila compliment your work? 

EP: 1800 Tequila has a long tradition of respect and longevity, that is something that I believe in too when it comes to my career and work.  Respecting a tradition and moving it forward.  Everyone can relate to that.


AZ: Your work often explores the idea of Utopia. What, to you, defines Utopia? 

EP: I don’t think that Utopia exists even if I like the idea of it.  To me, it’s all about being at peace.


AZ: “Trabajo, passion, honestidad” or “Work, Passion, Honesty” are the words displayed on the 1800 Tequila crest. How do you apply those elements to your creative process? 
EP: Yes, Trabajo, Passion y honestidad.  It is what keeps you coming to work.  Those three things can help you sleep well at night. I love them in Spanish, especially. 


images // courtesy of 1800 Tequila // additional reporting Jennie Twaites