As Summer winds down, most New Yorkers will find themselves booking last-minute trips to the Hamptons. If you fall into that category, may we suggest you head to Montauk to experience the powerful work of Arden Surdam at Offal | East. The show, which runs through Labor Day, is calling Haven Montauk home, a wonderful boutique motel just a stone’s throw away from the beach. Beach and art? Yea, sign us up. Offal | East is presented in conjunction with the artist’s current Manhattan solo show which on view at ABXY LES  through August 30. Which P.S., you should also check out.


Offal denotes the entrails or internal organs of a recently slaughtered animal, intended for food. In her images, Surdam stages raw ingredients like liver, fish, and dead birds in scenes which recall the still life paintings of canonical masters like Chardin, Soutine, and Bacon. Through a series of artistic gestures intended to disorient the viewer, the artist invites us to consider the gendered, classified, racially dissonant narratives responsible for our own preposterously sugar coated notions of “good” taste (both culinary and artistic).


Check out some snaps below!


HAVEN MONTAUK, 533 West Lake Drive, Montauk, NY 11954


images // courtesy of ABXY LES