In the midst of Frieze Week, a peak of performative art-world rituals including late-night parties, galas, last-minute admin, and innumerable previews, New Museum introduces Cally Spooner’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States – On False Tears and Outsourcing. Inspired by Google management tactics and the artist’s background in the advertising business, Spooner’s debut provides a commentary on the veiled agency of management and performance in today’s corporate environment, where the individual is valued, but only if they are a team player.




An installation exploring communication and power dynamics through choreography, On False Tears and Outsourcing features six dancers utilizing movements and techniques learned from rugby players and a movie director. These techniques draw from contact sports, management strategies, and on-screen romance. As a constantly evolving “rehearsal,” the exhibition allows for continued growth throughout the duration of its time in the New Museum.


Tuesday evening’s opening allowed for guests to watch the dancers perform behind the glass lobby walls while imbibing and mingling. With Spooner’s ready-made real-time radio soundtrack playing in the background, visitors on the ground floor of the New Museum were drawn into the installation as both spectators and participants to the rehearsal happening behind glass walls.




As fascinating to watch as it is to think about, On False Tears and Outsourcing is an excellent exhibition to behold. The exhibition is on view from 04/27/16 – 06/19/16, and is surely one not to be missed.

Top image // Courtesy of the New Museum