Getting dressed for Armory Arts Week is no easy feat. It’s freezing out, you’re running all around New York, and while everyone always says to wear comfy shoes, well, sometimes you just wanna bust out the stilettos – even if it means hobbling up and down the aisles all day. Plus, what can you possibly wear that can take you from the scrappy SPRING/BREAK to the notoriously stuffy ADAA? After several years of attending both previews on the same day, I still have no idea. But these ten stylish women are doing a better job than the rest of us, and making it look easy. Try not to resent them too much for it.


Yvonne Force Villareal

The Art Production Fund co-founder’s mega-platform boots and leather pants may have been a tad shocking to the staid crowd at the ADAA gala opening, but she keeps the look grounded with a blazer and glasses. Plus, she’s definitely way too cool to care.



JiaJia Fei

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Instagram superstar JiaJia Fei knows color is one of the best-kept secrets to art fair dressing. It may not sound like a much, but in a sea of all-black ensembles, a color-blocked dress goes a long way. And there’s a good chance you’ll match the art at some point.



Ketta Ioannidou

If you’re an artist, of course, you can go ahead and plan to match your own art, and that’s exactly what Ketta Ioannidou decided to do with this glorious dress at SPRING/BREAK. This way, there’s no guessing about whose work is whose.



Olesya Stefanko

Miss Ukraine Olesya Stefanko visited the Armory Show over the weekend in an outfit that proves it’s better not to overthink it sometimes. Her soft, slouchy sweater and matching boots look easy, comfortable, and just a touch Kim Kardashian (which, really, is all you ever need).



The SPRING/BREAK Art Show Team

Speaking of SPRING/BREAK, did you catch the custom Print All Over Me bomber jackets the production staff were rocking? They have American flags and the Constitution on them, so you know they’re good. Plus, this Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue-style portrait (taken inside the magazine’s old offices) is perfect.



Anna Rosa Thomae

ART Communication + Brand Consultancy founder Anna Rosa Thomae (get it? Her initials are literally art.) shows how to look polished and professional without losing your cool in wide-leg trousers and a printed trench. Plus, posing like you’re interacting with paintings always makes for a good Instagram photo.



Alexa Armstrong

Christie’s Old Masters specialist Alexa Armstrong did the Armory Show decked out in designer, from her covetable Chanel boy bag to those Stella McCartney platforms you’ve probably been seeing everywhere. But it was the Pucci puffer that made the look truly special.



Renee Chou


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Photographer Renee Chou shows how to make the athleisure trend fair-worthy: a cozy hoodie, cool shades, and obvious, unapologetic labels. Bonus points if you can find a painting in the exact same shade of blue as your Opening Ceremony drawstring backpack.



Carla Shen

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What’s cooler than a shiny silver skirt and bomber jacket during Armory Week? Nothing. As Brooklyn Museum trustee Carla Shen definitively proves, there is literally nothing.



Anastasia Vitkina

While a nice, minimalist look can take you a long way in the art world, designer Anastasia Vitkina knows that sometimes, more is more. Fur, leather, and metallic? Sure, why not. After all, Armory Week only comes around once a year.


top image // courtesy of SPRING/BREAK instagram