Ashley Longshore is a force. She doesn’t believe in the traditional artist system, has a sharp tongue (check out her bio on instagram) and is a creative entrepreneur. Her paintings are sought after by celebrities and collectors from around the world who usually find her art through her ever popular social media channels and usually sell out within days. We met up with Ashley to discuss her art, dream collaboration and what’s next.


Tell us about your first exposure to the arts?

I was very fortunate to be exposed to the arts at a very young age. My family and I traveled throughout my childhood; I was able to see beautiful cathedrals in Europe, I went to many museums and to theater. I was part of a performing arts program and from a very young age. I was in voice lessons, piano lessons, tap class and was always creative and theatrical and it was really a matter of me finding the right avenue for perfecting my artistic ability and sharing it with the world. Ironically I had never taken art lessons. I have always loved drama and color and being an artist completes that circle of love.


How would you describe your artwork?

My work is bold; it is not the kind of art work that you hang above your sofa to match your throw pillows.  My work is the exclamation point and makes a big statement. It is colorful and bedazzled and glossy, all things that I LOVE. I paint to create the world I want to live in. It is a very bold expression of my take on beautiful female role models and my view of American greed and consumption. My collectors are so wonderful and they love Ashley world. They all work very hard, they are successful, but they have a sense of humor and are not pretentious. I am always honored when someone spends their hard earned money on my work.


“And Then Satan Shouted, ‘Drink It! Drink It All!’” 48 x 48 Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, heavy resin.


Who has influenced you the most?

I wouldn’t say that there is one person in particular that has influenced me. My art is my direct reflection of my creative energy and view on society. The influence that keeps me at my ease that keeps me producing art, that forces me to be the art powerhouse I want to become. Part of it is revenge, proving the people in the art world that said I would never make it wrong!  The other part is being able to provide for myself. I don’t have a trust fund, and I don’t have a choice but to make it and be successful. I think that my influences are very balanced between my creative expression, proving some of my critics wrong and my desires and goals of making it in America and living the full blown American dream.


What is your dream collaboration?

Anything and everything could be a dream collaboration, but honestly my answer would be one with an endless budget. The more money I have the more I can put it into my creative whimsy. This is a really important thing for an artist. If you have an idea and you can’t afford to follow through with it, then you are screwed.


I would love to collaborate with a huge fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, an amazing designer who is decorating a hotel, skins on a private jet or a yacht or design an entryway to a huge corporate space. 


What do you think about the intersection of fashion and art?

I think there is a very direct correlation between fashion and the art world. You can open a Vogue magazine, and you may see an editorial layout that is reminiscent of a beautiful Dutch painting from the 1700’s or an ad campaign inspired by Pop Art, I think Lisa Perry did this recently. Society, technology, the role of women, and many other parts of our culture are rapidly changing, which inspires new thought and leaves room for more creative energy and re-interpretation. While everything may not be a completely new idea, they are presented in a fresh new way that is representative of the time we are in living in.  I think both worlds continue to inspire each other and I can only imagine what will happen in the future.


“Lil Wayne With Houndstooth Suit, UFO Gucci Sweater, And Bedazzled Gucci Floral Background” 36 x 36 Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, heavy resin.


Tell us about your upcoming collaborations.

I’m working on some major things and can’t wait to share more information. Just between us, I have a capsule collection of rugs with a huge company that will launch in the Spring and you will see some very exclusive holiday packaging for a major cosmetics brand next year.


How do you follow you?

Well, We can be best friends. You can find me on Instagram @ashleylongshoreart, my Facebook is also Ashley Longshore Art, and of course you can come on down here to New Orleans. I will pop a bottle of Veuve in my studio with you. 


image // courtesy of Ashley Longshore 

Article published November 21, 2015