The Blind Date 

Where to go: The Met Roof Garden and Martini Bar 



So you and your date’s mutual friends, who miraculously seem to have settled down with lovely significant others, had brunch together last Sunday and decided upon your future spouse. While this arrangement isn’t the ‘eyes meeting across a room’ scenario, it is an encounter you feel you shouldn’t turn down. You feel obliged. And hey, they’re doing something in your best interests, probably.


The Roof Garden and Martini Bar at The Met is your version of the eyes across the room moment. Overlooking Central Park and… a Martini Bar, the venue is set for your first date. With mouthwatering food and delicious cocktails, what could possibly go wrong?


Top tip: If you don’t have eyes for your date, have eyes for the beautiful scenery surrounding you while you sip away at your Corpse Reviver cocktail.


The Second Date

Where to go: Brooklyn Art Library – The Sketchbook Project


photo // courtesy of the Brooklyn Art Library


So the first date went well, and you are keen not to get your mutual friends involved just yet, lest they ruin the whole experience for you. The second date is tricky – you must keep them interested. This date is one that will subconsciously test you both, on levels you will only think about while you text your friends on the subway home.


‘A library?!’ you say. Correct, but not just any library. This library is a wealth of creativity. Working with The Sketchbook Project, the library has collected a vast array of sketchbooks by hundreds of international artists. Each sketchbook is barcoded and individually searchable by different terms: the artist, the location made, a specific topic or even the materials used. Snuggle up in the library’s beautiful surroundings and discuss in detail the use of your favourite vegetable found in sketchbooks across Delaware.


Top tip: Don’t search for ‘art’.


The Third Date 

Where to go: The Museum of Sex




Things are going pretty well; maybe you have had some flirty forward and back texting with your date, and now you’re wondering what lies beneath. Well hold on there, this is 2016.


Don’t get any funny ideas – this museum is a thrilling multi-sensory experience. Again, no funny business. The archives are an incredible and vast argument for how far we have come with owning our unique sexualities – we really don’t live in a ‘3rd date rule’ world anymore – and the exciting exhibitions vary in shape and size, from one fascinating subject to another.


Top tip: Know your audience. If this experience is too-much-too-soon, pop down to the museum shop where they have a lovely selection of scented candles.


The Fourth Date

Where to go: SculptureCentre


photo // courtesy of the SculptureCentre


You survived the MoSex and he’s still really into you, even after the scented candle you picked up and smelled in the shop wasn’t actually a scented candle at all. It’s time for a bit of a relax after brunch and a Sunday unwind.


SculptureCentre is a museum gallery dedicated to the exotic and unending fields of contemporary sculpture. Take your date to experience a new kind of art form, and while you’re there don’t forget to check out Mika Tajima’s Meridian (Gold), the centre’s Public Progress Commission located at Hunter’s Point South Park with outstanding views across the city. (Through September 25th)


Top tip: Don’t bring up the candle.


The Fifth Date

Where to go: MetFridays at The Met Cloisters


photo// courtesy of The Met


You’re back at the same joint as where this whole whirlwind romance began. And look how far you’ve come. Your friends have stopped bugging you, and you’ve found someone who appreciates the same kinds of odd museum dates you’ve been taking them on for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Life is good.


For your Friday night piece de resistance, pack a picnic and head over to Washington Heights to The Met Cloisters. On Fridays throughout summer, a range of events including jazz recitals and wine tastings are held within the boundaries of outstanding medieval European art, architecture and gardens. If this isn’t ‘sealing the deal’, we don’t know what is.


Top tip: Don’t cheap out on the picnic, you’re at The Cloisters now.


top image // Courtesy of the Museum of Sex