It’s no secret that big brands are choosing to collaborate with artists to tell their story. Brands are organically reaching a wider audience and capturing existing relationships the artists have built over their career. Exhibit A, you’ve might have walked by Seamore’s in Nolita, Freeman’s Alley, or the “love door” on Broome St. The artist behind the viral artwork is James Goldcrown. The Love Wall scores thousands of selfies and photos a day, so naturally when Rumba announced their limited-edition collaboration with Goldgrown, we were none too surprised. Each timepiece features Goldcrown’s signature etched into the case back and is available for $75.


We sat down with James to being self-taught, collaborating with Rumba and life motto.


AZ: Why did you decide to collaborate with accessories brand Rumba

JG: Watches and the heart are both timeless classics so it made sense to collaborate.


AZ: Do you have a favorite moment when you were collaborating with Rumba for the watch? 

JG: Yes, seeing the product come to life.

AZ: What’s your morning routine like? 

JG: Coffee, walk the dog (Lilly), go to the studio.


AZ: Coffee or tea? 

JG: Coffee


AZ: Background on your phone? 

JG: Lovewall


AZ: You’ve established a name for yourself in street art arena, something which most artists prove difficult to do, what’s your secret? 

JG: I can’t tell you, it’s a secret.


AZ: There’s a purity of intent with self-taught artists, would you agree? 

JG: Yes


AZ: Self-taught artists are finally getting the recognition they deserve, why do you think that is? 

JG: I think it is not all self-taught artists, it is also people that have a business mind. You need to understand how to build a brand and also depends on what you want to get out of it as an artist and brand.


AZ: How did you discover your talent for the arts?

JG: I don’t think it’s for us to say we’re talented it’s for the audience to acknowledge.


AZ: Dream location for creating street art? 

JG: My dream location would be to go to Syria and countries you don’t expect.

AZ: Is there an idea that you’ve been wanting to do for a while but perhaps haven’t had the time/resources to complete? 

JG: There are so many things and that’s when you realize there is not enough time in a day.


AZ: We love the use of color in your artwork, are you particularly drawn to a certain set of colors?

JG: I like vibrant bright colors that represent calmness.


courtesy of artist’s instagram

AZ: Life motto? 

JG: Dream Bigger


AZ: How can we stay in touch?

JG: Instagram: @jgoldcrown email:,  website,  @rumbatime,


top image // courtesy of @jgoldcrown

photos // courtesy of Rumba