I was first introduced to Prospect NY at an intimate dinner at Hôtel Americano to celebrate their collaboration with Baron Von Fancy. I was instantly impressed by their creativity, attention to detail and approachability. Since then, Prospect NY has expanded their roster of artists and established themselves within the art world as a source for inspiration and a destination for accessible art collecting. Their goal to make works available to all consumers is one that we can all get behind. Laura Currie and Danielle Mayer, the badass women behind the company, chatted with Art Zealous about their road to success, future plans, and advice for women in the art world.


AZ: Tell us about Prospect NY. What inspired you to start the company?

Prospect: Prospect NY collaborates with contemporary artists to create unique designs that you can use in your everyday life. We partner with manufacturers around the globe, ensuring that each object reflects the artist’s vision with precision and style.  So far, we’ve collaborated with artists Judy Chicago, Baron Von Fancy, Nir Hod, Kate Neckel and Enoc Perez.  In the next several months, we’ll be launching lines with Rachel Libeskind, Misha Khan, Hunt Slonem, and others soon to be announced.


Art is so powerful.  It has the ability to ignite all of our senses.  It can stimulate creative thinking, it ignites conversation, teaches us about other parts of the world, and so much more. Yet access to works by top contemporary artists has continued to only be available to a select few… and in select cities across the world. With Prospect NY, our goal is to provide consumers physical access and engagement with works by leading contemporary artists – whether it be in the form of a plate, a matchbook, a pillowcase, etc.  In tandem, we serve as a vehicle for artists expand their reach by creating new avenues for their art. It’s a win-win.


Founder, Laura Currie and Managing Partner, Danielle Mayer with artist Enoc Perez


AZ: Prospect NY is run by an all-women team. How do you all work together and support one another?

Prospect: The primary source of our success as a team lies in our shared love and passion for what we’re building. From the initial studio visits with artists, to product conceptualization and execution, we’re constantly inspired by our collaborators and the consumers who get to enjoy the designs we create.


Each of us brings different, yet complementary skill sets to the table – one of us is big picture, the other more detail/process oriented.


Nir Hod’s The Night You Left Coasters. Photo by Alec Kugler.


AZ: What advice do you have for women in the art world? 

Prospect: Step outside of yourself for a moment and consider your strongest skills and what makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. We always laugh when people talk about having a definitive separation between work and non-work life. Our work surrounds us seven days a week, but it doesn’t feel like “work.” Do that thing.


As far as art-world advice specifically, take in as much as you can! Go on studio visits and expert guided tours of auctions and fairs as there’s always more behind what meets the eye.


AZ: You’re based in NYC. Where do you go to see new art and find inspiration for new projects?

Prospect: To date, our collaborations have been predominantly with locally based artists. After all, New York City is one of the preeminent art-world hubs in the world. As our network grows, we’re excited to be working with artists from different parts of the U.S. and soon from all over the world.


The greatest source of inspiration for us is studio visits with artists – whether it’s in NYC or those we visit when traveling for production, fairs, or even on vacation. We also look at greater cultural trends whether it be in design, music or fashion. We try not to have a birds-eye lens.


AZ: What collaborations are you currently working on?

Prospect: Our collaborations with artists are by no means static or one-off.  While they may start with an initial collection, we continue to create new products thereafter. Simply said, we’re always working with all the artists on our roster.


AZ: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Prospect: There are so many artists doing good work today. It’s hard to choose one! It would be an absolute coup to have the opportunity to work with Mickalene Thomas. We love how she combines Western painting and heavily sexualized blaxploitation films of the 1970s styles to examine black women’s relationship both to art history and to contemporary culture.


Puzzle, ashtray and matchboxes from the collaboration with Rachel Libeskind


AZ: What can we look forward to?

Prospect: There’s so much to look forward to — and each collection appeals to a variety of different tastes, interests and aesthetics. In June we will launch Enoc Perez’s Paradiso collection which highlights three major subjects of his works – architecture, nudes, and swizzle sticks – in the form of lacquered coasters, a serving tray, beach towels and drink stirrers. In the fall, we launch Rachel Libeskind’s collection featuring an entirely new body of work that takes form in an acrylic puzzle and box set, a jumbo-sized Palo Santo candle scented by Yael Alkalay, founder of Red Flower, engraved sterling silver accessories, and more. Last but not least, we’re super excited to make a splash at Art Basel Miami Beach with new poolside designs by Misha Kahn and Judy Chicago in conjunction with her major survey show at ICA Miami.


top image // Baron Von Fancy Dinner Coupe Set