Creative Time and Pedro Reyes have taken over the Brooklyn Army Terminal in an exciting new collaboration: Doomocracy. Starting tonight, the political haunted house will be open through November 6th at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Here are three reasons you should reserve your ticket ASAP.


It’s Political

It seems all everyone talks about is the current election. Clinton vs. Trump is all we see on our newsfeed (thank goodness for that unsubscribe button.) Doomocracy will occupy a vital moment in US history, offering the perfect platform and location to create real dialogue around the contemporary state of global and US politics. Nato Thompson, Creative Time Artistic Director says, “in a political period as dizzying, and occasionally terrifying, as this year, Creative Time is once again following an artist’s singular vision to provide much-needed perspective and, well, catharsis.”




It’s a haunted house

What better way to get the Halloween spirit by experiencing an immersive haunted house. From a funeral home scenario with a coffin decorated like a pink-frosted Twinkie to a frightening voting room, you’re bound to get a tad bit freaked out, but in the best way possible. “With Doomocracy, Reyes touches upon the haunted house in each of us, and his playful approach allows confrontation with the panoply of apocalyptic scenarios we collectively imagine,” says Nato Thompson, Creative Time Artistic Director.




Pedro Reyes is f*#king awesome

If you’re not familiar with Reyes, get with the program. Reyes employs sculpture, performance, video, and activism to address pressing social and political issues. He’s been known his projects Palos por Pistolas (Shovels for Guns), in which he melted collected guns into steel and used that steel to make shovels to plant trees, and more recently Disarm, which used remnants of weapons seized by the Mexican army from drug cartels to fabricate self-playing musical instruments.




Doomocracy opens tonight and will run until November 6th. Get your ticket while they last.


Photos // Will Star/Shooting Stars Pro. Courtesy of Creative Time.