This week we walked up and down Bowery Street searching for our favorite murals and stylish people to accompany them. Since the popular street is filled with tons of great places to eat and shop, we decided to observe Bowery’s street style within the establishments that line it. We photographed and interviewed the people that make Bowery street awesome – the employees of shops and restaurants.


In all three cases, our interviewees exemplified that while their street style is in all ways comfortable and functional for working life, they still find a way to keep the outfits stylish with a personal touch. As always, the street art played the perfect background.


Anime on Rivington Street at Green Fingers Market

Name: Paige

Where are you from?: I’m from here. I was born in NJ, but raised in New York City.

Tell us about your outfit: Well these gymnastics pants I’m wearing because I didn’t do laundry,  so I didn’t have underwear! I got the pants from Urban from their vintage section. They’re real army pants. I actually bought these because I was Kim Possible for Halloween last year. My shirt is my friend’s moms that I stole when I was in high school many years ago. I tied it because it’s pretty long. Oh and my rings! I have this thing about Vintage sterling silver – I will go anywhere to find it. I got this one as payment for a company I modeled for once. I think it was a sample they didn’t like, but I loved it. These I got from Poshmark and this one I got in Spain at a flea market.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?: Well, both of my sisters are in fashion, and I appreciate their style, but I’m more about sustainability. That’s what I studied. I only like high wasted pants. That’s like my base and then I find cute tops to go with.

Favorite place to see art in NYC?: Kids art! It’s the best – like younger kids. They have this place in Long Island City. I think it may be called Teen Art Salon. They just give free space and materials to young kids to create and then they have pop-up shows.


Freeman’s Alley

photo // feat. @stacycollado

Name: Stacy

Where are you from?: I moved here a year ago from Pennsylvania.

Tell us about your outfit: I thrifted everything. It’s really comfortable for work and breezy. I like to wear comfy stuff that I can just throw on, but I usually wear dresses in case I want to grab a drink or something after work and I don’t look like a dump.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?: I don’t really know, good question. I’m just about waking up and just throwing whatever on. I’m all about function and comfort and as minimal effort as possible. I don’t like vibrancy. Like what I’m wearing right now has kind of neutral undertones, never anything too bright.

Favorite place to see art in NYC?I’m old school – I love the Brooklyn Museum. It’s a staple.


Joey Ramone Mural at Saxon and Parole

photo // feat. @mjremboski

Name: Margaret

Are you from NYC?: I’ve lived in NYC for four years, but I’m from Detroit. My family doesn’t live there anymore, but that’s where I was born.

Tell us about your outfit: Well, I got these Dr. Martens with a friend a couple of years ago and was actually kind of nervous about it because they were expensive at the time. But now I’m really glad I got them. I wear them all the time and they’re really good for work because they’re close toed and flat but still kind of sophisticated. These pants are from Anthropology. It’s funny, my friends like to go to these fancy stores and whenever we go into YSL, the people that work there always love my pants. This watch is my moms and so are the earrings. I remember her wearing them when I was little. Recently, I was made fun of for wearing this scrunchie and this shirt – it’s recommended at work that we don’t wear crop tops so this is one of my only work shirts. I’ve been super into red nail polish lately.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?: Recently, I’ve been hanging out with a lot of designers and people interested in high fashion. That’s influenced me for sure. Again, my mom has influenced my fashion a lot. I’m more conservative than she is, she loves crazy colors. She’s very sophisticated, but still a super fashionable lady. I love high wasted stuff. I lived in Berlin for a while so I think that had a big effect on my sense of style too.

Favorite place to see art in NYC?: The Whitney is my favorite museum. I recommend going during sunset. Start at the top level and make your way down.