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Coffee Table Books for Every Personality

The right stack of books is like the perfect cherry on top of your coffee table, so you definitely don’t want to get just any book. We’ve roamed the oversized books section of the bookstore to find you the ones that will not only complement your coffee table, but also suit your personality. And while you’re at it, why not get one for a friend?


For the Art Collector

The Art of Pin-up by Dian Hanson

photo // via @jamesbloodbrother

Over 500 pages long, The Art of Pin-up is the most comprehensive book about pin-up artists. Most of the art was reproduced from the original work, resulting in exceptional quality.


Annie Leibovitz by Annie Leibovitz

photo // via @maxfieldla

This 20″ by 27″ book is so large it comes with its own tripod! It’s limited edition with only 10,000 signed copies and four different covers, a must-have for an art collector.



For the Entrepreneur 

Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

photo // via @sophiaamoruso

Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and New York Times-bestselling author of #GIRLBOSS, packs tons of advice and inspiration in this millennial pink book that will look good on any coffee table.


Tom Ford by Tom Ford

photo // via @aliceinlahlahland

Tom Ford is one of the biggest names in fashion. Learn how this designer turned his name into a brand and a business!



For the Fashionista

Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style by Shantrelle P. Lewis

photo // via @apshantology

Overloaded with bold colors and wild prints, this book brightens up any room while also teaching you about the history of dandyism.


Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style by Jerome Gautier

photo // via @ireneissoclothesminded

This timeless book is a staple on any style icon’s coffee table.



For the Design-Obsessed

Living with Pattern: Color, Texture, and Print at Home by Rebecca Atwood

photo // via @rebecca_atwood

This designer spills her secrets so you can have the perfectly decorated home.


When Art Meets Design by Hunt Slonem

photo // via @shannoncraindesign

You probably know Hunt Slonem through his patterned paintings of bunnies, but did you know he also restored and decorated houses?



For the Nasty Woman

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World by Ann Shen

photo // via @anndanger

Page through this illustrated book for inspiring stories about badass ladies to get your morning started.


Marina Abramovic by Marina Abramovic

photo // via @thiemersmagasin

Marina Abramovic is a Nasty Woman who overcame a rough childhood to become a boundary-pushing performance artist.



For the Wanderer

Beaches by Gray Malin

photo // via @thehollyday_

Trying to decide where to vacation next? Gray Malin takes bird’s eye view photos of beaches all over the world.


Nomad Deluxe: Wandering with a Purpose by Herbert Ypma

photo // via @courtneyllauren

Nomad Deluxe is full of stunning photographs of places across the globe that’ll have you booking the next flight out.



For the Rebellious Spirit

Ren Hang by Ren Hang

photo // via @runway92

Ren Hang broke all the rules by photographing the naked bodies of his friends. Let him and this book remind you that rules were made to be broken.


Pop Art by Klaus Honnef

photo // via @fac__33

Although it’s now wildly popular, pop art was once a revolutionary movement! This pop art book is sure to make your coffee table pop.


top photo // via @ravikaramdin_styling