It can be difficult to shop for art lovers, but fear not, we got you. We scoured tons of museum gift shops, shopping sites and more to bring you gift ideas for that art lover in your life. Here is a complete guide to inspire your gift giving. Better yet, send it to your family and friends so that you will stop receiving useless kitchen gadgets, (grandma). top image / MoMA Design Store 


From $10 

People I Want To Punch In The Face ($14. Whitney Museum)

Gift guide whitney

A useful, non-violent alternative to mayhem. This flexible handmade pocket sized wonder is the perfect place to journal away all your frustrations into laughter.


Artists-Designed Gift Wrapping Paper ($6 – $30, LMAK)


This beautiful fabric-based gift wrapping paper comes with different designs by artists at LMAK gallery. It will sure add an artistic touch to any gift.


“Psychedelic Fashion Twins Hiding From Dinosaurs” Metal Lunch Box ($35, Think 1994)


Lunch box with Randy Glance’s art. Maybe you’ve been stranded on a high beam at a construction site or you’re starting a new job in a new town to escape a life you never wanted. Either way, we have got you covered with this sleek lunch box.


Leather Library Candle ($50, Assouline)


An alluring, sophisticated scent reminiscent of old books and comfortable leather couches, with a spicy-sweet blend of amber, vetiver, and musk. Perfect for the holiday season.


Lomo’Instant Camera ($110, Cooper Hewitt)


Lomography’s instant camera has just 3 shooting modes, making it quick and easy to capture artistically inspiring moments.


Manhattan Skyline Dishrack / Desk Organizer ($110, Whitney Museum)


Italian designer Luca Nichetto has designed this silicone 3D model of Midtown Manhattan in collaboration with Seletti. Glasses can rest in the lowlands and plates can rest on higher skyscrapers, but the versatile piece is just as useful as a desk organizer. It is made of thermoplastic elastomer. Available in pink, blue, and grey.


Mixed Herb Napkin Rings ($135, The Met)


These herb-bedecked napkin rings pay homage to the verdant gardens at The Met Cloisters. The herbs grouped according to their medieval uses, including household plants; medicinal plants; culinary plants; brewing herbs; plants used by medieval artists; plants associated with love and marriage; and magic plants.


“Your Neck Through The Atmosphere (I Copulate With The Sky)” ($195, Hauser & Wirth)


Artist Pipilotti Rist has worked with designer Jane Carr to produce these luxurious limited edition scarves. Each scarf features specially commissioned artworks and are embellished with words taken from the poem, ‘Your Neck Through The Atmosphere (I Copulate With The Sky)’, written especially for the collaboration by the artist. Made in Italy.


From $200

A Vintage First Edition Book By Your Favorite Author ($200 – Price Varies, Strand Books)


Get anyone a rare edition of their favorite book. Strand Books also carries first edition books signed by the authors!


Lambswool Blanket by Lee Lozano ($250, Hauser & Wirth)

lee lozano gift guide

Artist Lee Lozano’s take on 100% lambswool blanket. Made in Scotland. It is guaranteed to keep you cozy and warm.


Custom Portrait Sculpture ($300+ Price Varies, AdrienArt)


Seattle-based artist, Adrien Miller, will make a customized portrait sculpture for you based on your pictures. This will be a cool piece to add to your art collection!


Chess Set by Man Ray (Set: $342, Board: $189, MoMa)


This design was inspired by Man Ray’s lifelong friendship with avid chess player and fellow artist Marcel Duchamp. In this re-edition of the 1920s Wooden Chess Set, a metal version of which is in the MoMA collection, Man Ray translates traditional chess pieces in geometric forms.


From $400

I Have Seen Happiness by Xiang Jing ($550, The Guggenheim)


I Have Seen Happiness is a beautiful gift from the artist. The sculpture embodies happiness, pureness, and optimism, inspiring the pursuit of happiness and beauty in this world.


Poster Signed by Gregory Colbert of Boy Reading With Elephant ($575, NY Times)


A 2005 offset lithograph of “Boy Reading to Elephant” hand signed by artist Gregory Colbert. The poster has a paper and image size of 35.5 x 51 inches. It is reproduced from the artist’s original work from 2005. The poster was printed in Italy on Gardamatt paper from Cartiere del Garda.


Tono LED Mood Light ($550 – $610, MoMa)


The award-winning Tono light—Peter, Kenneth and Edmund Ng—is a stunning hybrid of neon art and light source. It offers a multitude of options, including traditional white, warm and cool lighting, and a color shuffle mode that releases a rainbow of colors into your space. The variations are boundless as there are 1,500 combinations of colored light.


From $600

Artisan Viennese Pinic Set by R. Horn ($680, Neue Galerie)


Each hand-stitched pebbled calf-skin picnic case contains: silverwares, cotton napkins, hand-crafted maple sandwich boards, stainless steel corkscrew bottle opener and inside leather pocket for salt and pepper.


Swing Clock ($684 – $760, The Mad)


Handmade in Spain by clock designer, José Maria Reina. The Barcelona clock is made of brass and alder wood.  A unique work of art that adds beauty to your space.


From $800

Elvis Presley’s Last Concert in New York City by Jonas Mekas ($800, The Guggenheim)


This photograph features an image of Elvis Presley at his last ever concert in New York City on June 9, 1972. Depicting the music legend clad in a white cape with his arms outstretched like an angel, the filmstrip bursts into a flame of red light, seemingly foreshadowing Presley’s descent into addiction and eventual death in 1977.


Faux Faux (Fluorescent) by Jane Benson ($900, LMAK)


The store bought artificial branches were altered to look artificial, each leaf cut into an unnatural shape (triangles and rectangles etc.) to create unabashedly fake trees and a fantasy of future genetic mutations. Comes with three colors.


The Sommelier Set ($950, Assouline)


This complete sommelier guide is perfect for all the art-lovers who have a passion in wine. Assouline is known for creating beautiful books that can also be your stylish furniture.