Art Basel is a week away, and whether this is your first time or not, it’s always nice to get a refresh on the dos and don’ts of attending an art fair. We enlisted the help of Anne Rappa, Senior VP at Huntington T. Block, a fine art insurance company. With over 23 years’ experience in the fine art insurance field, we jumped at the opportunity to pick Anne’s brain and provide us with her top 10 tips and tricks to remember when attending an art fair.





1. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet all day – and these are not short days!


2. Bring a snack. You may be running from place to place without sitting down for a meal. Be prepared to eat on the run!


3. The wine is for sipping, not drinking.


4. Never ever interrupt a dealer who is speaking to a collector. 


5. Remain respectful of the art dealer’s time. This same rule applies to anyone of the art “industry” who is working. 



6. Go in with reasonable expectations- you will experience sensory overload.


7. Wear a watch. Look at it. Look at it again. It is so easy to lose all sense of time and space. 


8. You will never find an outlet. Don’t forget your portable charger. 


9. Never speak badly about an artwork, a person or an art fair in a public place (and it is all a public place).


10. Last, but not least – Enjoy and have fun!