An art curator manages an exhibition’s contents in a way that makes the displayed artwork exciting, contextually relevant and visually appealing. Each of the curators below actively curate exhibitions, but present their Instagram accounts with the same careful approach. It’s as much of a treat to view their posts as it is to see their exhibitions! Here are some must-follow curators who will keep your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the art world.


Diana Nawi (@nawinawinawi)

Los Angeles-based independent curator Diana Nawi chooses bold artistic images of contemporary works for her Instagram account, often focusing on the details and nuances you can get lost in. She will co-curate the New Orleans triennial Prospect.5 with Naima Keith in the fall of 2020.



Eva Respini (@curator_on_the_run)

Eva Respini’s colorful “Curator on the Run” Instagram account spans everything from the rooftops of Palermo to Rihanna. Respini is Chief Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Previously, she was Curator at Museum of Modern Art. Between her appreciation for nature and her love of art, you’ll be more-than-willingly pulled into her world.



Alexie Glass-Kantor (@alexieglass)

Alexie Glass-Kantor is Curator of Encounters at Art Basel Hong Kong. She is also Director of Artspace Sydney. So to say that she has her foot in the art world is a pretty big understatement. Her Instagram bio aptly quotes Susan Sontag: “Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” Not only does her account document striking photos, she also gives context and credit to each of her posts, detailing the “on display” work for her followers, as though providing wall text for her Instagram “exhibition.“


Angeliki Kim (@dynamisk)

Curator Angeliki Kim runs DYNAMISK, an independent consultancy that offers “curating & art advisory services.” Her Instagram provides unique perspectives for each image, highlighting works by names like Bruce Nauman and Sol LeWitt, behind-the-scenes looks at her upcoming projects and her personal fashion wears. On Sundays, posts reflect the visual theme of #SundayBlues.



Nancy Spector (@nespector)

Nancy Spector is Artistic Director and Chief Curator at the Guggenheim Museum. Spector carefully chooses bold visuals that take up every inch of the humble square provided for each Instagram post. She doesn’t hide her political stances either – you may recognize her as the woman who offered Trump’s administration Maurizio Cattelan’s gold toilet in place of the Van Gogh painting they had requested.



José Carlos Diaz (@jjjcccdiaz)

José Carlos Diaz is the Chief Curator at The Andy Warhol Museum. Previously, he worked as Curator of Exhibitions at the Bass Museum of Art. His Instagram brings the color and whimsy of Warhol to life in both photos from his personal travels and insider looks at Warhol-centric posts.



Klaus Biesenbach (@klausbiesenbach)

Among the most recognizable names in this round-up, Klaus Biesenbach is a staple of any art curators list. The MoMA PS1 Director and MoMA Chief Curator at Large’s Instagram account understandably leans heavily on MoMA / MoMA PS1-related exhibitions. Those posts are rounded out by polished exhibition photos, notable museum visitors and Biesenbach’s out-of-office artistic adventures.



Mia Locks (@mia.locks)

Independent curator Mia Locks has curated for MoMA PS1 and MOCA Los Angeles. She was also a Co-Curator for the 2017 Whitney Biennial. From Locks’ Instagram account, you’ll find evidence of museum visits, but also everyday discoveries that shine a light on the quirky and beautiful little touches of the world. Somehow, she has managed to make even a rain-soaked stuffed animal and a fountain at her parents’ house seem poignant.


Honorable Mentions –

These two women aren’t actively curating exhibitions, but we love them so much, we couldn’t leave them off the list!


Danielle Krysa (@thejealouscurator)

Danielle Krysa’s contemporary art website, titled “Jealous Curator,” has become a hit. Though she’s not curating exhibitions, she’s been expertly curating content on her website and Instagram account by sharing the work of emerging artists on a regular basis. While Danielle is an artist as well, her cohesive yet broad posts shine a light on other talented artists along the way.



Elena Soboleva (@elenasoboleva)

Previously the Lead Curator for Artsy’s special projects, Elena Soboleva has very recently taken the leap to a position as Online Sales Director for David Zwirner. From Burning Man to Art Basel, Elena’s well-curated (no pun intended)posts will make you feel like you’re at the hottest art events, even when you aren’t able to make it there in person.


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