It feels like we’ve been celebrating Halloween all week and we’re totally ok with it. Every year, we round up our favorite art inspired costumes. There’s always a Van Gogh, a Kusama and Bob Ross, but it never gets old. If you don’t have a costume for this evening’s festivities, you can re-create some of the looks below in no time.


We spent a lot of time on instagram (more than we’d like to admit) rounding up some of our favorite artsy Halloween costumes. Even if you’re not a “Halloween person” we think, at the very least, you’ll appreciate everyone’s creativity.


Van Gogh and Starry Night 




Dada inspired




Jeff Koons’ Metallic Venus




Yayoi Kusama and her cat




Salvador Dali’s Mae West Room




Dada inspired




Roy Lichenstein




Picasso’s Old Guitarist




Bob Ross




Jane Avril as painted by Tolouse Latrec



top image // @mr_kiwis for Surface mag wearing Heidi Lee