The official “International Women’s Day” has come and gone, but hey, shouldn’t that be every day? We certainly think so. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, we suggest celebrating the amazing contributions women are making to the arts—read on for our picks.



1. See Katharina Grosse’s show at Gagosian (closes March 11)

Photo// Rob McKeever



2. See Marilyn Minter’s Pretty/Dirty at the Brooklyn Museum and join artists Laurie Simmons and Carroll Dunham on Saturday, March 11 at 2pm for an intimate look at the show (closes April 2)

Photo// Brooklyn Museum



3. See Jolina Malinowska’s Not a Metaphorical Forest & Bella Foster’s Food of Light at CANADA (both close March 12)

Photo// CANADA



4. See Jordan Kasey’s Exoplanet at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (closes March 12)

Photo// Nicelle Beauchene Gallery



5. See Wangechi Mutu’s sculpture show Ndoro Na Miti at Gladstone Gallery (closes March 25)

Photo// Gladstone Gallery



6. See Body Building, an exhibition of paintings by Anja Salonen and Maja Djordjevic at The Hole NYC (closes March 26th)

Photo// The Hole NYC



7. See Alice Neel, Uptown at David Zwirner (closes April 22)

Photo// David Zwirner



8. See A Universe of Fragile Mirrors, a solo exhibition of Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s work at El Museo del Barrio (closes April 30)

Photo// Perez Art Museum Miami



9. See Marisa Merz’s exhibition The Sky Is a Great Space at the Met Breuer (closes May 7)

Photo// NY Times



10. Watch this video of the Whitney Museum’s “Words for Water: Stories and Songs of Strength by Native Women” program

Photo// Whitney Museum


Marilyn Minter in her studio. Photo// New York Magazine