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10 Art Instagrams You Need to Follow Right Now

With Armory Week approaching, add some artsy instagrammers to your follow list. Can’t attend the fairs? Don’t fret, we’ll give you a dose of culture and art by recommending these 10 art instagram accounts for your art fix.


1. @uprisenyc

Bio: Uprise Art. For the next generation of art collectors.

Photo // courtesy of Uprise Art



2.  @obia_thethird

Bio: Drawings and other happenings.



3. @neat_feed

Bio: Keep it clean.

Photo // “The Collector” by Gilbert Garcin



4. @co_art_

Bio: Contemporary & Original Art admire perfect art

Photo // courtesy of Chiharu Shiota



5. @art_republik

Bio: ART REPUBLIK, Asia’s definitive art publication.

Photo // courtesy of ken+julia yonetani



6. @usugrow

Bio: USUGROW 薄黒ink, flow

Photo // courtesy of @usugrow



7. @berlinischegalerie

Bio: Berlin’s Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture

Photo // art by Tatjana Doll “Dreaming under pressure”



8. @art_psycho

photo // artwork by naolito



9. @twfineart

Bio: T W F I N E A R T

Photo // art by Greg MacLaughlin



10. @ashesonashes


Photo // art by Gregory Kalliche


Top Image // @ashesonashes