Headed to Mexico City for Zona Maco like the rest of the art world? From February 8th – 12th, art lovers from all over will gather to celebrate one of the most important art events in Latin America. Being in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, the fair shouldn’t be the only thing you check out. We have selected our favorite hotels, restaurants, and other things to do in Mexico City.




Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

Photo // courtesy of Gran Hotel

Known for its decor and glass ceiling crafted by Tiffany, Gran Hotel is consistently ranked one of the best hotels in Mexico. The hotel’s impressive Louis XV-style interior and 19th-centery wrought-iron elevators are worth of visit on its own. The best part is that most of the major museums are within walking distance from the hotel. Be sure to check out Terraza Restaurant & Bar on the top floor. You will have an amazing view of Mexico City while enjoying traditional Mexican fare.



La Valise

Photo // courtesy of La Valise

This boutique hotel has been the backdrop for fashion editorials and design magazines. The three-story building only has three suites, and each one of them takes up the whole floor. It provides the travelers a unique “home away from home” experience. The hotel resides in trendy Colonia Roma neighborhood, the hotel naturally collaborates with local galleries to curate a surreal interior and an inspiring environment.



Hotel Geneve Ciudad de México

Photo // courtesy of Hotel Geneve

An innovator in the Mexican tourist industry, Hotel Geneve was the first hotel to admit unaccompanied single women with lodging and special care back in early 20th century. Because of its unconventional approach to culture and art, the hotel has attracted many famous personalities and progressive artists throughout the history. With the ancient-Mayan decor and diverse antique collection, staying in Hotel Geneve is like living in an art museum.




La Imperial Cantina Carso

photo // Cantina La Imperial

Authentic Mexican restaurant, La Imperial, only serves old-fashioned recipes that are approved by abuelas. Think old Mexico meets a posh setting. Order the chile en nogada.




Located in the Condesa neighborhood, Lardo is the perfect spot to order some cocktails and small plates. This place is obnoxiously cute and wonderful. With an extensive bar, large wood-fired oven and open an kitchen, we wouldn’t be surprised if you stayed here for hours.



Garum by Chef Vicente Torres

photo // courtesy of Garum

Michelin-rated chef, Vicente Torres is originally from Spain. He arrived in Mexico a few years ago and opened Garum, a restaurant with a futuristic concept. The dining tables are divided by golden plants in a very modern interior. The open kitchen provides the guests to see the skilled chefs performing cooking magic.




La Casa de las Sirenas

Photo // courtesy of Time Out Mexico

Quiet and refreshing, this rooftop restaurant-bar is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day at Zona Maco. Located in a historical building built in the 16th century, La Casa de las Sirenas has a unique old-world Mexican charm and a stunning view.



Jules Basement

Photo // courtesy of Jules Basement

This underground speakeasy bar gives you an illusion of being in Prohibition Era. The gothic decor adds some fun and spooky atmosphere. We recommend catching a live jazz performance.




photo // courtesy of Limantour

We like to think that Limantour is one of the best cocktail bars in Mexico City, but you be the judge. Order a Mr. Pink, it’s the cocktail they are famous for and is a citrus-flavored pink cocktail with a Tanqueray gin base, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, rosemary syrup, fresh basil and rosemary and a slice of pink grapefruit.



Things to do

Zona Maco Opening

Photo // courtesy of Zona Maco

The grand opening of Zona Maco starts at 4 pm on February 8th. The opening will feature drinks and refreshments and will be a chance for you to check out the fair before the crowds on the weekend. It also gives art lovers a chance to meet with all the other attendees.



San Ángel Neighborhood

Photo // courtesy of Mexican Food & Culture

Colorful and picturesque, San Ángel is one of the most culturally important neighborhood in Mexico City. With well-known galleries and a Saturday bazaar, San Ángel is a must-visit for art lovers. You can expect to see many traditional handicrafts and artworks by aspiring artists.



Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal

photo // courtesy of Mutem Garibaldi. Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal

If you have time, check out Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal. I mean what other museum also functions as a bar? With a wall of hundreds of Mezcal and tequila bottles, the museum claims to have the greatest collection in the world. Admission includes a tasting of selected Mezcal and tequila. You can also go straight ahead to the top floor bar and restaurant, “La Cata”, and order from more than 200 different drink list.