Sharpies are a staple in every household. We all use them to address packages, make posters, or just mess or around with, and for as long as they’ve been around, artists have utilized them, just never in a fashion like what is being done today. They are making their way from a secondary tool used for outlining drawings, to becoming the star in an artists regiment. Two artists, in particular, are paving the way for this trending art form.


Alex Coxen, of the critically acclaimed, and ever elusive, band Milk Music has taken up the Sharpie and crafted some incredibly unique designs that would leave even the highest of the high-brow art critic in awe. Going by the title “Worn Spiral”, all of his work is done on t-shirts which he sells over on etsy. Though it isn’t about the t-shirts and the money necessarily, Coxen crafts these pieces for the artistic value, and for the originality and fun of it. He claims that each piece of work he creates is just as alive as you or me, as each piece is different from the last, no two alike. Coxen’s works include characters like Mickey Mouse, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, the Grim Reaper, all manor of skeletons (some being Grateful Dead skeletons), jesters dancing atop eggs, and the monks for Milk Music’s album cover for their 2017 record Mystic 100’s. We’re not sure how he came to drawing on blank shirts with a Sharpie, but we’re not complaining, and neither should you.


photo // Worn Spiral


Next up is another artist using the art of the Sharpie to make killer clothing, meet Mobshity. There are almost no words that can eloquently capture the staggering artistry of Mobshity’s work. His work focuses on old school hardcore punk and current pop/hip-hop artists. Everything from the Cro-Mags, to Killing Joke, to Cardi B, you name it and Mobshity will draw it, but not only draw it, he’ll use a pointillism technique that’ll leave you asking yourself if you’re looking at a t-shirt or a George Seurat painting. His bootleg band tees are really something to behold. Similar to Worn Spiral, no two Mobshity shirts are entirely the same, in fact each piece takes about three to four weeks to ship to you, as they are made to order, and crafted with precision and care. Mobshity is a bit different though, he doesn’t just stop at using a regular Sharpie, instead he outfitted a tattoo gun rigged with Sharpies to make his masterpieces. Talk about clever. He also collaborates with other artists too, such as Bad Penny, together they released the zine Badshity, debuting some of their artwork to the world.


photo // mobshity


top image // Mobshity