Last week, we checked out WWW., the newest exhibition by Victor Roman, curated by Ché Morales on display at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery in the Lower East Side. 


This mixed media solo exhibition includes eight new works applying the digital gradient to traditional formats; canvas, tapestry, and ceramics. You’ll be taken with Victor’s use of classic internet iconography in his graphic pop-art style work. The exhibition is a spectacle of dualistic nostalgia juxtaposing the essence of Butch Cassidy against the likes of the AOL running man icon.


We spoke with Victor Roman and curator Ché Morales to learn more about WWW. and Ché’s newly launched curation business ABSTRKT.



Art Zealous: Ché, how did you connect with Victor and what inspired working together?

Ché: I had worked with Victor recently on a project for Nike and he was the last designer brought on board. He had half the time everyone else did and still managed to kill it. When working together he mentioned the WWW. concept, I found it interesting and wanted to explore that more.


AZ: Victor, why did you choose to collaborate with Ché?

Victor: When we first got together we shared a very similar outlook and understanding of the arts. When Ché reached out, our personalities clicked and there was a huge sense of transparency that made me feel comfortable moving forward with the project.


AZ: What was your shared vision for WWW.

Ché: Catinca Gallery is terrific, but not the grandest space. I wanted to explore color blocking to break up the gallery and give the viewer sections to explore each work. We accomplished this by using a stripe to divided the gallery. We kept the colors neutral in order to not distract from the work.


Victor: I’m confident to say that when approaching this install we both wanted to activate the space and create an environment that wouldn’t take away from the work but compliment it.



AZ: Victor, I love the notion of lawlessness in the digital age and it’s parallels to the wild west. Will you continue to explore this topic in future works?

Victor: Yeah, there’s a lot more to explore within these worlds. I think WWW. just scratches the surface on that union. This particular series of works has put me in a more vulnerable state which I’m excited to push forward.


AZ: Victor, what is next for you?

Victor: I’m currently in the beginning stages of doing more works on paper to see how this study translates on a smaller scale. I’m also exploring more digital themes and moments that we find ourselves challenged by.



AZ: Ché, WWW. is the inaugural exhibition under your new business ABSTRKT. What’s next?

Ché: I’m working on some brand projects I can’t really talk about, as well as a couple of gallery shows next year. I’m currently obsessed with capturing content– I not only think it’s useful to help promote current projects, but important to document everything we’re doing now for the future. I’m currently interviewing every artist I know and the people working behind the scenes. These videos will start appearing on ABSTRKT starting next month.


It’s an exciting time for both Ché and Victor. Art and curation is taking on a lawlessness in itself, becoming more dynamic and emerging in new formats. Stop by Catinca Tabacaru Gallery to see WWW., and stay up to date with Ché and Victor by following, @wanderlustflaneur and @victorromanstudios.


WWW. will be on view through August 31st at Catincata Bacaru, so before you head out for LDW, be sure to swing by 250 Broome Street. 

all images// courtesy of artist