Throughout the history of art, the artists who have impacted the world have been those who, whether consciously or subconsciously, have expressed and interpreted the state of being of their time on earth. These creators have also emerged in their lifetime – and far beyond – as the most important voices of the world; for they were the beacons – the messengers who channeled our purpose and growth as humanity. These artists laid threadbare, and without censorship, what was wrong with world consciousness. Some even went further, through a spiritual awakening, to provide guideposts to rectifying these wrongs; thereby bringing the hope of light into lives that have been surrounded with darkness. 

Although not at all surprising, it is certainly exhilarating that throughout this year, Bettina Werner – the internationally renowned artist and living legend also known as the Salt Queen – has unveiled her latest collection of salt crystal artworks titled the “Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Art Collection.” Werner is continuing her pioneering work as an artist with a mission to bring a higher level of awareness and consciousness by awakening and uplifting the human spirit on this earthly dimension. 

Bettina Werner, BUTTERFLY-ANGEL SIGN Art Collection, 2019  
Bettina Werner, ANGEL SIGNS FINDING FEATHERS Art Collection, 2019    


Inspired by the Archangel Michael -the only angel mentioned in all three of the most important religious books (the Torah, the Quran, and the Bible) – Werner’s salt crystal art collection is an artistic homage to the leader of all holy angels and commander of the army of God; believed in these faiths as protecting and fighting against negative forces to restore balance, peace, love, and happiness. The “Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Art Collection” features unique paintings in various shades of turquoise colors (representing the Archangel’s celestial ray of light) cataloged in five categories that signify the ways angels communicated and manifested their presence and guidance of humans. They include The Butterfly-Angel Sign Art Collection, The Angel Signs Finding Feathers Art Collection, The North Star “Stella Polare” Art Collection, The Angel Numbers Art Collection, and The Angel Signs Finding Coins Art Collection. 

Bettina Werner, North Star “STELLA POLARE” Art Collection, 2019

Art Zealous visited the renowned artist at her distinctive art-loft in the heart of Wall Street.

Art Zealous: What was the reason for this collection?

Bettina Werner: 2019 has been a very dark year in my life. As I walked in my neighborhood every day, I would encounter feathers on my feet, butterflies flying around me, finding pennies, noticing sequences of numbers at specific times when looking at various things such as my cell phone, on buildings, and receipts. These coincidences moved me to pay more attention by studying what the meanings might be. As I experienced more and more, I found these coincidences to be sources of light and strength that needed to be excavated and explored creatively. 

Art Zealous: How did you find angels, and specifically the Archangel Michael, connected to these coincidences? 

Bettina Werner: The Archangel Michael has been linked to my magical Italian roots for over four generations. Throughout my experiences, specifically this year, I naturally became drawn to the Archangel, who is a source of inspiration and guidance in the creation of each of these works. I found myself intuitively being an artistic channel in communicating the meaning of these signs and symbols.

Bettina Werner, ANGEL SIGNS FINDING COINS Art Collection, 2019

Art Zealous: It is believed that art is the most important and powerful tool of expression, and you have created so many now-famous salt crystal art pieces inspired by different subjects, like “The Love Art Collection,” “The Dalmatian Art Collection,” “The Chakra Art Collection,” and the Ladybug Art Collection,” to name a few. Which do you feel more in-tune with?

Bettina Werner: It’s like asking a parent, “Which of your children is your favorite”? My artwork is my only family. They are all important and connected to me.

ArtZealous: Wouldn’t it be remarkable to experience all of these art collections together in your museum project in Italy? 

Bettina Werner: Yes! In fact, I created the Butterfly Angel Sign acrylic print to support this project. It is part of my calling in returning back home to my roots, and continue my efforts in giving back.

To support The Salt Queens Italian Museum project, please visit the: Bettina Werner: Salt Queen Shop

Bettina Werner, ANGEL NUMBERS Art Collection 2019

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additional reporting by Anthony Eros.