The Other Art Fair arrives in Brooklyn on November 9th. U.K.’s leading art fair, will be returning for its second time in Brooklyn showcasing art from local artists and emerging artists from around the world. This artist-led fair will showcase art from primarily female artists and curators (YES!) With more than half of the artists being women (73 of 128 participants), we’re bringing you some artists that should be on your radar. Most of their works are priced under $1,000, making this a great time to expand or start your art collection.


Ilisa Katz Rissman

Sunday in the Kitchen, courtesy of the artist

Rissman uses the idea of memory and time in her photographs where she pictures people and environments to show contrasts in everyday life. Her angles create tensions and feelings of weakness in order to avoid direct issues and difficulties, but to simply hint at them.


Karen Igelhart

courtesy of the artist’s instagram

Ingelhart’s works are expressive and abstract and a bit eerie, which we’re totally into. She’s fascinated with color, light, reflection and the ambiguous.



Keri Oldham

Judith with Mutant Holofernes, 2017, Courtesy of artist

Oldman creates large watercolors depicting bloody scenes from mythology, folk art, and medieval demonology as an allegory for female success and identity in today’s society. Her use of stories of the past with today’s society makes her one to watch.



Janelle Turner

Helios. 2017  Courtesy of the artist

Turner creates abstract, observational paintings of nature, more specifically, botany. She combines scientific concepts with artistic poetics and creates a reverence for botanical life — ego-less, adaptive, responsive and resilient.



Malaraj Srivastava

Mala Raj Srivastava, Synergy of Senses, Courtesy of

Srivastava creates works based off her inspiration from her childhood, father and her husband, who helped her complete her B.A. and M.F.A. Believing she has no boundaries, she is open to creating anything that inspires her, but primarily creates works that focus on the internal instead of the external, and the human mind as an idealizer of beauty and unrealistic expectations of women. She uses any materials she can get her hands on instead of a sticking to a specific medium.



Ana Maria Velasco

Ana Maria Velasco, Independencia. Courtesy of

Velasco is a Colombian artist who uses events and experiences from her hometown of Bogotá as inspiration for her pieces. At times with humorous touch, her work engages with political and social issues. She captures the spirit of her subjects, revealing a glimpse into another realm, leading the viewers through fantastic tales to weave their own story.



Naomi Yuki

Naomi Yuki, Lagoon. Courtesy of

Yuki uses transparency with oil colors to create animated paintings/ works on screens. She manipulates her use of similar colors and shapes to make something new each time. She is influenced by the mentality of Gustave Moreau. “I do not believe what I see or touch but I believe what I can not see or what I feel.”



Fei Alexeli

Detail of “Red Lips and Palm Trees”, courtesy of the artist

Alexeli uses collage to create beautiful landscapes with geometric and space-like scenes. Known for using bright pinks, palm trees, and mountains, she adds a twist on an idealistic destination and makes them out of this world. Her bold imagery of lips and neon lights with the lush landscapes make for some dreamy pieces. We actually interviewed Alexeli, which you can read here.



Fiona Hueston

courtesy of the artist

Hueston is from New Zealand, but lives and works in Paris creating works that manipulate the possibilities of origami forms to create sculptures and installations. With the contrast of the delicacy of the paper and the grandness of the final product, she is an artist to watch out for.



Fiona Chinkan

courtesy of the artist

Chinkhan is a New York-based artist who is inspired by graffiti lettering and designs. She draws her graffiti-inspired pieces instead of using paint, so her pieces are smaller than your typical graffiti and street art. She has developed the lines and forms as a means to express herself and interpret the world around her.



The Other Art Fair will take place at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint (steps from the G train) from November 9th – 12th. Purchase your tickets here.


top image //  Courtesy L’oeil de la Photographie