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Inspiring Places in NYC to Conquer Your Artist’s Block

As artists, we have committed to investing valuable time and energy into our creative thinking and planning. While most of the time this constant creative mindset is a good thing, there are inevitable times in which we will reach a lull in creative inspiration. Ah yes – the dreaded and feared Artist’s Block or “the slump”, these periods of time in our artistic careers when we feel utterly uninspired.


Artist’s Block, whether a constant or a rarity in your life, is bound to happen eventually. But, if treated with the right amount of respect, Artist’s Block doesn’t always have to be considered a bad thing. How does one give Artist’s Block any form of respect you may ask? Well, as complicated a question as this may be to answer, let us boil it down for you in two words: pay attention. Though your mind might be fresh out of good ideas and unable to come up with even a whisper of a new one, the city and people around you may not be experiencing the same things. Take advantage of this time when you have a little extra mental space to look at to the world around you. If you pay attention and treat this time as a fresh new beginning, the inspiration may just flood back to you as if it had never left you hanging in the first place.


Here’s a list of just a few of the many places you should visit to get those inspirational juices flowing.


WhereNYC Flower District 

Why: Spend a morning exploring the thousands of different smells and vibrant colors present in this midtown area.

photo via // @nyc_flowermarket


WhereSky Ting Yoga 

Why: Cleanse your body and mind at the Tribeca or Chinatown locations – a little workout can always help wake up your mind, especially when the class is taught by the lovely instructors at Sky Ting.

photo // via


WhereCentral Park Reservoir 

Why: Take a slow walk around the reservoir path. Feel the cool breeze coming off the water as you take in views of the city surrounding Central Park.


Central Park Reservoir


WhereLowBrow Artique 

Why: This Brooklyn art supply store and boutique is host to street artists from far and wide. With an exterior wall that’s repainted monthly and carefully curated shows inside, it’s hard not to feel creative from the vibe in this place.


WhereThe Highline 

Why: Take a walk or jog on the Highline to enjoy a little greenery in this concrete city and let nature do what it does best: go with the flow.


WhereThe Evolution Store 

Why: While this store may be a little freaky and different, that may be just what we all need for a change of pace.


The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


WhereThe Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 

Why: Spend a day appreciating the environment in these vast urban gardens.


WhereMott St. Street Art 

Why: If you’re looking to see a lot of street art in a small amount of time and walking distance, Mott Street is the answer. While street art anywhere is great to pull inspiration from, Mott Street seems to be completely covered with it.


WhereDashwood Art Books 

Why: Sometimes researching the art of those who have come before us is just what we need for a new idea.


WhereLe Bain at the Standard Hotel 

Why: This rooftop discothèque has an incredible view of the Hudson river, good music playing all day during the summer, and fun drinks to help you let loose while you let the fresh air clear your mind.

Le Bain


WhereVandal NYC 

Why: Eat a delicious meal while taking in the art covering every wall and corner of this restaurant.

Vandal NYC


WhereABC Carpet and Home 

Why: Describing itself as a “portal into collective creativity,”  if we aren’t mistaken, sounds like something everyone can benefit from

ABC Home and Carpet