Frieze Week 2017 has just barely begun, but we’re already experiencing art fair fatigue. There’s nothing quite like walking into a warehouse-sized venue and seeing the mile-long road of booths stretching out before you. And just when you think you’ve run your eyes over each painting, drawing, sculpture and photograph in that massive space, chances are you’ll unfold your map to discover that there’s a second floor. If you’re able to make it through two or more fairs in one day this week, you’re a hero. The following is a true account of one writer’s experience, told in pictures she took as she navigated the TEFAF preview last night.



Galerie Gmurzynska

Am I in a maze? There’s too much going on—I can’t even process this. I need a drink.




Good Lord, everyone is dressed to the nines, and I’m wearing jeans. Great.



Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Help), 1945; Keitelman Gallery


This is so embarrassing—what do I do? HELP!




*Ducks into bathroom and slaps on red lipstick found in bottom of purse*

There. Fabulous. Now let’s see some art!



Pablo Picasso, Visage, 1963; Galerie Bastian





Bridget Riley; Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert





Di Donna Gallery


Hold up—is that food I see?




*A few hors d’oeuvres and a glass of champagne later*

Feelin’ good, feelin’ great.



Jesús Rafael Soto; Leon Tovar Gallery


Can I touch it?



Julio Le Parc; Galería Sur


What about this one? Can I touch this one?



Julio Le Parc; Patrick Derom Gallery


It’s so. . . shiny.




How can there be so many more booths? I swear I’ve seen two hundred already.



David Hockney, Tree?, 1962; Offer Waterman


What am I even looking at? Alright, that’s my cue—time to go home.


top image // Harry Heuts, courtesy of TEFAF