Calling all art and fashion lovers. Our new Summer series is about to kick your style inspiration into high gear! “Street Art x Street Style” will be a weekly updates analyzing how street art in New York City influences the street style of those inhabiting it. We love realizing through this series how the art and fashion worlds are so closely intertwined. Trends in the two worlds may ebb and flow, but the bottom line for street art and street style is always the same: stand out, look fresh, feel awesome, and always be yourself.


This week we set up camp in front of a couple of our favorite murals in Nolita to conduct three interviews and photographs of passersby. What you may already know about Mott St. is that it’s the place to go if you want to see the latest in street art. What you may not have known is how equally bold the street style is in this area. While on the cross streets of Mott and Kenmare, we observed vintage trends being made new again, on the corner of Mulberry and Broome streets we observed that what the clothing lacked in color in comparison to the murals was made if for in the cut and cloth of the styles.


“Choose Love”

photo // feat @inesisabel and @stefanie_seiden

Names: Stefanie (left), Ines (right)


Where are you from? We’re from Germany on a work trip. We’re both flight attendants – it’s a 24-hour trip


Tell me about your outfit:

Stefanie: The skirt is Levi’s and this shirt is a German Brand.

Ines: I actually got this jumpsuit yesterday in the city! The sunglasses are from somewhere in Germany. A boutique or something. Oh, our bags are from Mexico! We got these things, the Pom Poms, in Mexico.


Where do you find fashion inspiration? (Both) A lot of looking through magazines…and friends are good inspiration. Your friends always know what suits you. Vintage Market. We have a lot of flea markets and I like the Japanese style.


Favorite place to see art in NYC? We visited the Met and went to the rooftop terrace there. We prefer running through the street and just looking around though, especially in the Greenwich and SOHO areas.


Audrey Hepburn Wall by Tristan Eaton

photo // feat. @chloe__w

Name: Chloe


Where are you from?: I live here, but I’m from actually Australia


Tell me about your outfit: The pants are Cameo, an Australian brand; my top is from ZARA; bag is Kara, and NY Brand; Le Spec Sunglasses. Oh, and the shoes are Raye.


Where do you find fashion inspiration: I tend to dress minimal but usually try to go for an interesting cut like these wide leg pants. I try to make it girly but not too girly. I’m actually sometimes influenced by bold colors in street art to try and get a pop of color in my outfits – especially during the summer.


Favorite place to see art in NYC? I would say The Met, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney.


Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour Wall by Bradley Theodore

photo // feat. @hollyrule

Name: Holly


Where are you from?: I’m living here working for the summer – I’m actually from Charlotte.


Tell me about your outfit: These jeans I got from Zara yesterday! I found them on sale. This is actually my mom’s friend’s top from Rag and Bone five years ago. I have it here because I needed more clothes for work since I wear four outfits a week. Shoes are Alexander Wang from Intermix – they’re super funky because they have this strange thing in the back, look. And this is the same jewelry I wear every day; it’s a mix of my mom’s and mine. I wore this to work.


Where do you find fashion inspiration: My Grandma and Sincerely Jules. My Grandma has a crazy collection – she’s insane – half of an entire floor in her house is a closet! She’s awesome because she’s always so put together. Yesterday I wore a pair of her shoes and she’s 80 years old. Sincerely Jules I think is cool because she’s a fashion blogger, but not a super extra person that’s all about name brands. She’s all about style and I dig that she can wear something and be like I got this for cheap at H&M.


Favorite place to see art in NYC? I haven’t been to enough museums to tell, but I would really like to. I thought the restaurant Vandal was a pretty cool place to see art, plus it also combined food which is the best.