You are currently viewing SPACE | 42: New Gallery Unveiled in Midtown

SPACE | 42: New Gallery Unveiled in Midtown

A new gallery has been unveiled in midtown Manhattan. SPACE | 42, a satellite location for the Neuberger Museum of Art, will serve as a new space for public art.


Neuberger Museum of Art in Westchester County, part of SUNY Purchase College, houses an extraordinary permanent collection and rotating exhibitions of contemporary works. Named after Roy Neuberger, the Museum’s founding patron, it aims to keep his [mission] alive by supporting and encouraging the work of living artists, to spark community engagement and dialogue, and to be accessible to all. According to Tracy Fitzpatrick, Director of the Neuberger Museum of Art, SPACE | 42 aligns perfectly with this vision as well: “The new space is intended to spark community engagement and dialogue, and to be accessible to all,” she says. It is located across from Bryant Park on the ground floor of 33 West 42nd Street, which also houses SUNY College of Optometry.


Its inaugural installation is “Day After Day,” a large-scale site-specific digital print by Deborah Kass, who is known for her Brooklyn Bridge Park sculpture “OY/YO.” Fitzpatrick explains: “Whenever possible, we will correlate exhibitions with what is on view at the Neuberger Museum, where Pop! Prints from the Permanent Collection just opened. Deborah Kass is an artist well known for appropriating from Pop Art. This is her first wallpaper work, inspired by Warhol’s Mao and cow wallpaper.” The installation stands six feet tall and 21 feet wide. “Day After Day” will be on display through May 28, 2017.


Deborah Kass posing in front of her “Day After Day” installation at SPACE | 42. (photo // Lynda Curtis)


The contemporary art space will feature changing exhibitions by established and emerging artists. Fitzpatrick adds: “Neuberger Museum of Art SPACE | 42 will provide opportunities for artists to experiment with new materials and ideas.”


SPACE | 42 is located at 33 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm; Saturday, 9am-4pm; and Sunday, 10am-6pm.