Booth Gallery recently announced May You Live In Interesting Times, a solo exhibition of work by Maria Kreyn that will run from August 19 through September 9, 2017.


In the Wake

Named after a supposed Chinese saying and curse made famous in a speech by Robert F. Kennedy, the exhibition will feature graphite drawings that explore scenes that are, for better or for worse, “interesting.” Her work includes ambiguous vignettes of body parts and masses of huddled figures, suggesting a foreboding darkness while simultaneously allowing for different readings.



According to Kreyn, “Irony and confusion are interwoven for an array of possible interpretations, celebrating contradiction and the unpredictable nature of the future.” She wants viewers to wonder: “Do the feet belong to a dancer, a pilgrim, a refugee? Are the figures sleeping, sexually charged, dead? In the space of destruction, is something else being saved?”


Wanderer’s Feet

Born in Russia and currently based in Brooklyn, Kreyn is a figurative artist influenced by the Baroque and Romantic periods. Her work has been exhibited across the world, including the New Museum Los Gatos, Beijing World Art Museum, and Galleri Pan in Oslo, Norway.


There will be an opening reception on August 19, 2017, at 7 p.m.


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top image // Body

all photos // courtesy of the artist