Everyone’s favorite Italian beer, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, announced its second annual, “The House of Peroni,” a showcase of fashion, art, film, and culture. The House of Peroni is an annual event series designed to spotlight and celebrate a dynamic mix of forward-thinking artists and craftsman.


Each year, a team of creative collaborators is tasked with creating an immersive environment that pays tribute to time-honored tradition through a modern lens. The content showcased within the House will draw on the past, acknowledging Italy’s deep-rooted traditions in craftsmanship, and the future, sparked by cutting-edge design, artistry, and composition. Leading the charge of its design and curation this year with a three-day pop-up experience is singer/songwriter and our #girlcrush, St. Vincent.


St. Vincent

“After much success the first year, we jumped at the chance to enhance and expand The House of Peroni in the U.S.,” said David Schmid, marketing director for Peroni Nastro Azzurro. “St. Vincent is an artist of many forms and brings genuine creativity and a distinct style to all that she does. We believe she is the definition of today’s modern artist and we’re thrilled to see her apply the cornerstones of Italian style to bring our brand world to life.”


The pop-up, happening October 5th- October 8th in NYC’s Soho, will include live performances, panels and a cafe lounge all in Memphis motif. If you don’t know what Memphis motif is, you’re missing out and should read this.  After its NYC debut, The House of Peroni will travel to LA and Miami, serving as a hub of modern culture.


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all images// courtesy of House of Peroni