The art world is starting to adapt the practice of the average museum-goer: looking at an image for a mere seven seconds. Artists, museums, and magazines are joining Snapchat and using it in more ways than to create filtered selfies and display Sunday’s brunch. Follow these accounts for a behind-the-scenes look at installations, some easy laughs, and an all-access ticket to the hottest art events and openings.


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art: @LACMA


LACMA’s pairings of pop culture references with pieces in its collection are brilliant enough that they’re Webby Award-winning! Plus, LACMA’s a veteran to the app, having been the first museum to join the platform two years ago.


Museum of Fine Arts: @mfaBoston


Following LACMA’s lead, the MFA’s account also provides an amusing juxtaposition of the past and present – think emojis placed atop ancient artifacts.




Add the French artist, JR, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind the impressive, large-scale, black-and-white photo displays.


Juxtapoz Magazine: @juxtapozmag


The Art and Culture magazine has hopped on the Snapchat bandwagon, too. Through witty snaps, get a glance at what goes into the making of the publication.


Daniel Arsham: @daniel_arsham


Learn more about the New York-based artist by following his snap stories. Maybe you’ll even discover the secrets behind his boundary-defying manipulations of material.


Geir Ove Pedersen: @geeohsnap

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This European graphic illustrator’s primary gallery space is Snapchat, and his stories get over 60,000 views, daily. Add him to forever question your finger-signing skills.


Art Zealous: @artzealous


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