Pedro Friedeberg‘s patterned prints caught our eye at New York’s Art on Paper Fair as his pieces sparkle with color, pattern, and Neoclassicism tendencies.


Friedeberg is a Mexican artist and designer known for his surrealist work filled with lines, colors and ancient and religious symbols.  Friedeberg’s artistic story is quite interesting, his education was first entrusted to his Zapotec governess and later to brilliant mentors such as Mathias Goeritz, José González, and Gerry Morris.  Along with contributing marvelous masterpieces, Friedeberg has invented several styles of architecture, as well as one new religion and two salads. He admires everything that is useless, frivolous and whimsical and hates functionalism, post modernism and almost everything else.


Friedeberg has many admirers including Lenny Kravitz who has a a Pedro Friedeberg Gilt Hand Foot Chair sculpture in his chic Paris apartment.




Art Zealous borrowed a moment with Friedeberg to chat aesthetic, process & supplies.


Art Zealous: Hometown?

Pedro Friedeberg: Colonia Roma, Mexico City.


AZ: Currently reading?

PF: Paul Eluard’s complete works in French and Valery Larbaud.


AZ: What is your creative process like?

PF: Ideas and compositions flourish like plants.


Friedeberg, Visiones fugitivas #3


AZ: Tell us about your experience at the Art on Paper fair in New York.

PF: It is very satisfying to be back in New York.




AZ: I love the way you use pattern in your work. How does the repetition of a single design — i.e. shape, dimensions, spacing and color– contribute to the mood of your pieces?

PF: It is like a soothing piece of music.




AZ: What is the most indispensable item in your studio?

PF: Sharpened pencils, clean rulers and compasses, and high quality black India ink.


AZ: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

PF: An upcoming exhibition at the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City about art and design called “The irrational house” curated by Alejan dro Sordo. The opening will take place on May 19th.


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