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5 Minutes with Street Artist JM Rizzi

Chesterfield Gallery announced Chromatose, JM Rizzi’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. His work might look familiar, and that’s due to the fact he’s participated in major collaborations with Proenza Schouler, Jimmy Choo, and recently Rockefeller Center where he took over a wall with fellow graffiti artist Jason Woodside. Rizzi’s murals are so popular that Chesterfield Gallery is giving viewers an opportunity to have their very own JM Rizzi mural. In a statement to Art Zealous the gallery explained. “If you are looking to add Rizzi’s work to your collection or want to go all out and have a mural painted in your home, the gallery can facilitate that as well.” Start saving those pennies and you could have your very own JM Rizzi mural in your home.


We briefly caught up with JM Rizzi to discuss his colorful paintings and background.


AZ: What’s your artistic background?

JMR: I grew up in NY.  Studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. Absorbed as much artistic energy the city could muster. Lived in various gentrifying neighborhoods throughout the city, the artist enclaves.


Auburnia, 2017


AZ: What’s your morning routine like?

JMR: Alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze… I’m up!


AZ: Coffee or tea?

JMR: Coffee in the morning, tea throughout the day.


In the Time of All Sweet Things, 2017


AZ: Currently reading?

JMR: The Long Goodbye – Raymond Chandler


AZ: You’ve established a name for yourself in street art and fine art arena, something which most artists prove difficult to do, what’s your secret?

JMR: Well, I don’t really see a difference in those two arenas. I consider myself an artist, primarily, a painter. One who likes to make large artworks, and to have them viewed by a public audience. Creating public work or “street art” allows me to do both. And to engage with a vibrant and inspiring group of like-minded artists from different parts of the world.


Blue on Blue, 2017

AZ: Dream location for creating street art?

JMR: I can’t tell, it may ruin the surprise.


AZ: We love the use of color in your artwork, are you particularly drawn to a certain set of colors?

JMR: I suppose it depends on the time of year, and where I am personally. I like to push my use of color to the point of being uncomfortable at first, but feels right. In harmony. Sometimes I’ll stick with proven color play, primary and basic. Other times I feel a sense of peace within tonality. Black and white is the great simplifier, for when things feel chaotic.


AZ: How can we stay in touch?

JMR: Insta: @jmrizzi, Website:

Chromatose is on view at Chesterfield Gallery, 109 Norfolk St, through October 28th, 2017.

top image/ JM Rizzi Behemoth, 2014

images  // courtesy of Chesterfield Gallery and artist