Frieze NY is here and it’s HOT under that white tent. Every year, Frieze New York offers fairgoers the opportunity to explore exceptional modern and contemporary artwork all in a bespoke structure, designed for the experience of art and overlooking the East River in Randall’s Island Park. The only breeze you’ll get is from taking the ferry over to good ol Randall’s Island.


Gallerists are hustling, fairgoers are avoiding people they know, art collectors are negotiating down to the dollar, and it’s one big ball of fun. We found ourselves a seating area right in the middle of the action, and boy, the conversations we overheard provided so much entertainment, we almost forgot to look at the art. So in that spirit, here are some of the best lines overheard at Frieze NY.


Man: “It’s so hot, I’m tempted to dry myself off on that ( Ryan)Gander’s tarp.”

Woman: “That’s marble though.”



Woman to friend: “So many familiar faces, I hate it.”



Old couple: “Where are you located?”

Gallerist: “Chelsea, of course.”



Girl to friend: “Oh shit, they are searching bags. Do you think they’ll take my weed pen?”



Woman: “It’s too hot to drink.”

Woman: “The fuck it’s not.”



Man: Looking at Pierre Huyghe’s Untitled at the Marian Goodman booth: “Is that the Kanye stage?”



Two friends: “$40 for fucking chicken salad sandwiches?!”



Woman: Looking at Paola Pivi’s It Was My Choice, “This is making me dizzy.”

Man: “Then stop staring at it.”



Woman to friend: “Is the champagne free?”



Woman: “Can you take it again? I want the boomerang to show me spinning left to right.”



Man: This would be a lot more fun if we were stoned.

Woman: “Yep.”



Woman to friend: “We should bring snacks next time. ”



Woman: “Am I getting tan? I feel like I’m getting tan.”



Woman to friend talking about me: “I wish I was wearing a yellow dress, she looks much more comfortable than us.”

Friend: “Yea, and less sweaty.” (thanks ladies!)


top image // courtesy of Frieze